POTD: Custom Saiga 9×19 PCC

    custom saiga

    Our daily article Photo Of The Day will take you to some very exciting and unusual places. Today we take a look at a very custom Saiga 9mm PCC. Jelena from Russia is the owner and the brain behind the paintwork. She’s an avid competitor in IPSC and dynamic shooting. The question is why does your own 9mm PCC Carbine look so boring compared to this one?

    The closest I’ve seen to this custom Saiga is the Carl Gustaf M/45 with Kurbits Decorations and a Peace Sign, but this Saiga is definitely “all in”.

    Here is the Google translation of the Russian text. Please forgive me if the wording comes out funny as my own Russian language skills are a little weak to verify:

    About 4 years ago, I came up with an idea for painting my weapons, nurtured it for a long time, got special stencils and dreamed … many companies refused to implement my idea due to its complexity and hellish haemorrhoids.
    And finally, this year my dream came true thanks to the highest level of skill and professionalism of the Custom Guns staff.  We got a masterpiece, my Saiga looks like a real work of art!

    This is the best creative painting option in Russia today!
    Thank you so much for my beauty!

    You can find Custom Guns here. Jelena’s shop can be found here: Art Naive Gallery

    All photos by Дмитрий Федосеев