Mototech Engineering SCARburator Tunable SCAR Gas Selector

    In the SCAR owners groups, Eduardo Moniet of Mototech Engineering has been quietly making upgrade parts for the FN America SCAR platform. One thing he has been making is his SCARburator gas selector. You replace your factory OEM gas selector for his and you can tune how much gas goes into the piston for use with SBRs and suppressors. Or you can tune it for your ammo.

    SCAR @TFB:

    Mototech Engineering started with a three-position gas selector. Factory SCAR rifles have a two-position gas selector. Full open and a smaller setting for adverse conditions. The problem is when you SBR your SCAR or make a pistol, you may need to tune your gas jets but switching from unsuppressed to suppressed is not ideal. So Eduardo made a three-position gas selector. The first position is a wide open factory setting. Then the next notch restricts the gas by 20%. And the final position will reduce gas by 50%. All with just a flip of the switch.

    Mototech Engineering has evolved their gas selector design with their SCARburator Gen2. Now you have infinite adjustability to tune your SCAR gas block. There are two set screws but now you can finely tune your SCAR platform for your can and ammo.

    SCARburator Gen2

    Well, now Mototech is coming out with their newest SCARburator Gen3. This will have 10 positions that click and while it will still have the set screws, you do not need them.

    Screen cap from Mototech Engineering.

    Right now the SCARburator Gen 2 retails for $149 and their 3-position gas selector is $139. The SCARburator Gen3 is still in the prototype phase but I suspect it will be similarly priced as the Gen2. I plan to buy one and try it on my pistol SCAR17. For more information go to Mototech’s website.

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