POTD: TracerX – Belt-Fed Fightlite Industries MCR

    TracerX - Fightlite Industries MCR

    The perfect magazine doesn’t exist, does it? Or do we have the best solution just in front of us, as presented by FightLite Industries and their MCR Dual-Feed Upper? At $6,399.99 it’s one of the most expensive uppers I’ve ever encountered, but that didn’t stop a friend from buying one. It’s pretty cool to have a belt instead of a magazine, I can tell you!

    These pictures are taken by TracerX. The ear protection is from Otto Engineering, the flash hider is from Primary Weapons with a Gemtech adapter.

    Fightlite Industries MCR:

    You can find the description from FightLite Industries here:

    Our groundbreaking MCR® (Mission Configurable Rifle) belt-fed upper receiver assembly is designed to interchange with standard AR/M4 type uppers and readily fits any MIL-Spec lower receiver without permanent modification to the host lower, and is rearward compatible to AR15/M16 models produced as early as 1963.

    Once installed, the patented MCR® upper receiver system can be user-configured in seconds without tools to adapt to virtually any mission profile. Specifically designed for responsible armed citizens, law enforcement and professional security personnel who wish to upgrade their rifle or carbine to MCR®performance and capability; standard features include gas-piston operation for extreme reliability in adverse conditions; a 16.25″ quick-change (3 seconds) barrel system and a MIL-STD 1913 co-planar hand-guard with rail-interface system for the mounting of optics and modern accessories. Spanning the capability range from the optic ready carbine through a lightweight support rifle; theMCR® accepts standard box type AR15/M16 magazines or M27 linked ammunition at operator discretion, permitting unprecedented firepower and weapon flexibility.

    What do you think about the Fightlite Industries MCR? Did you ever try one?

    All photos by TracerX.