POTD: New Sako M23 DMR with Steiner M7Xi 2.9-20×50

    Sako M23 DMR with Steiner M7Xi 2.9-20x50

    TFB’s Photo Of The Day has become an impressive gallery, with an ever-growing number of images of firearms in all sorts of environments. Today we’re going to add one more, on the subject of a new era of semi-automatic Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) that is seeing the light of day. The photo shows the Sako M23 DMR for the Finnish Defence Force. It’s a  semi-auto sniper rifle, AR-style and chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. It has a short-stroke gas piston system.

    The riflescope is a Steiner M7Xi 2.9-20×50, mounted with a Spuhr cantilever mount. An Ase Utra suppressor is the last thing the bullet passes through before exiting.

    For more information please check the “Sweden And Finland To Work Together To Procure New Service Rifle” article. It will be quite interesting to see this project develop and see the DMR enter service.

    Thanks for tuning in. Tomorrow we’ll be back with a bunch of new images.

    Photo: Finnish Defense Forces / Aleksi Heinonen