New CZ BREN 2 DMR Rifles for the Czech Army


    Goodbye Dragunov SVD and 7.62×54mmR! Welcome CZ Bren 2 PPS and 7.62x51mm!  The Czech Army (Armáda České republiky) has ordered a total of 350 pieces of the new CZ Bren 2 PPS rifles. The rifle is made by Česká zbrojovka a.s. (CZ) on the basis of the CZ Bren 2, which in turn was developed from the 805 BREN in caliber 5.56x45mm or 7.62x39mm.

    In the picture above we can see the new CZ BREN 2 PPS with a riflescope from Nightforce in a mount from Spuhr.

    CZ and Czech Army @ TFB:

    At this stage, very few details are known about this special PPS/DRM version, but it’s easy to find many similarities with the CZ Bren 2 BR model. For instance, the BR uses the 7.62×51 NATO cartridge and has a replaceable handguard to accommodate various barrel lengths. It uses an AR-10 CZ MAG 25-round magazines made of durable carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The magazine is transparent on the back wall to allow the operator to check the remaining rounds. But at least one thing is different. The barrel length is longer, and it looks like at least 18″.

    Below: Dragunov SVD vs. CZ Bren 2 PPS (Photo from the Czech Army).


    I presume I may not be the only one feeling some resemblance with the FN SCAR-H PR chosen by the French Army recently? (French Army Selects SCAR-H PR, S&B Scope and Night/Thermal Vision for Sniper Rifle)


    The reason behind the upgrade is that the 7.62×54mmR is not NATO compatible and the Dragunov SVDs are getting old and difficult to use with night vision devices.

    We are modernizing. This week we are finally taking over the first CZ BREN 2 PPS precision rifles. Our main combat units have already received 242 pieces. Česká zbrojovka will deliver another 108 pieces to the units by the end of the year. Rifles will replace obsolete DRAGUNOVs.

    Another Tweet – both machine translated from the original language. Please make sure you watch the video.

    More accurate, faster and more durable. These are the main advantages of the new CZ BREN 2 PPS precision rifle, which our main combat units received. We compared it with the SVD DRAGUNOV rifle. It’s more accurate! See for yourself…

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    What do you think about the configuration and the choice of the new CZ Bren 2 PPS?

    Sources: Armáda ČR on Twitter and Soldat & Technik. Photos: Armáda
    České republiky.

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