[SHOT 2022] EOTECH Night Vision And Thermal

    Now That EOTECH is no longer a part of L3/Harris, they are branching out into the night vision and thermal markets. EOTECH Night vision will consist of their BinoNV, BinoNV-C, MonoNV and CLIPNV. EOTECH will also come out with their CLIPIR thermal clip on.


    Eotech night vision

    EOTECH Night Vision BinoNV uses a Theon Sensors housing. Similar to the Elbit Systems 5032. These will have manual gain and EOTECH claims they will be white phosphor with minimum FOM of 2376. They are using Elbit Systems of America image intensifiers for their BinoNV. The EOTECH Rep said they will retail for around $12,000.

    EOTECH Night Vision will also be coming out with their BinoNV-C. A compact binocular night vision device.

    This little guy weighs just 430g or 15.16oz. In order to achieve this, the BinoNV-C uses 16mm Photonis tubes. The housing is also provided by Theon Sensors and has all the same features as the full size BinoNV. Power out off when the pods articulate, manual gain, auto off when you flip the goggle up.  According to EOTECH this will cost more at $12,500.

    For more entry level EOTECH Night Vision they are using the Theon Sensors ARGUs monocular housing with Elbit white phosphor tubes. According to EOTECH Night Vision the MonoNV weighs 10.6 oz. I did not get a price for the MonoNV.

    For your EOTECH Night Vision long range needs they will be offering Theon Sensor clip on night vision devices. the ClipIR and ClipIR-LR.

    They will have Elbit Systems image intensifiers and like their BinoNV they will have minimum FOM of 2376.

    The ClipIR is good for low to medium magnification 1-12x. If you need to see further then they will hav the ClipIR-LR which is good for 4-20x magnification.

    If Thermal is more your speed EOTECH Night Vision will be offering Theon Sensor ClipIR and ClipIR-LR thermal clip ons.

    ClipIR is suited for 1-8x while the ClipIR-LR is suited for 6-10x magnification.

    Exciting things are coming from EOTECH Night Vision and they said they will be offering these to the commercial market.


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