[SHOT 2022] CoreVision AVS-ITS – Thermal Fusion Binocular

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

One of the most highly anticipated things in the world of night vision is the CoreVision thermal fusion binocular. The AVS-ITS is a modular binocular that leverages to bring thermal fusion to the civilian market.

Thermal Fusion @TFB

When it comes to thermal fusion there are only two ways to achieve it. The quick and dirty way is through the use of a COTI or similar device that projects the thermal image into the objective lens of your night vision device. The arguably better way is to have rear projection. With rear projection you do not run the risk of burning your image intensifier and you can have a color separation between the thermal image and night vision image. The problem with rear projection is that it is not cheap or easy to accomplish. The thermal monoculars from ITT and L3 are somewhere in the neighborhood of $20k and the ENVG binos are allegedly $40k.

CoreVision is hoping to have their AVS-ITS come out around $20k. The AVS is a modular right vision binocular. It will have a space on the bridge to connect the ITS thermal sensor and possibly a SWIR camera or digital camera in the future.

There are some signification challenges they need to address. One of which is due to the articulating bino. By rotating the monocular pod, the thermal projection display will be canted. Also when you buy the ITS it will come with a special eyepiece suited for use with the OLED display. CoreVision will also need to work on how to collimate the thermal image so it lines up with the night vision image.

One challenge is the space between the image intensifier and eyepiece to fit the thermal display.

The AVS will use PVS-14 style optics. Also the AVS does not have onboard power. I will be powered by a remote battery pack. It is still early days and CoreVision has a long ways to get the AVS complete and functional. Check out their Instagram for more news and Night Vision Inc as they are partnering up with CoreVision on this project.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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