[SHOT 2022] PSA Shows off their 5.7 Rock Pistol and Some PSAKs

    [SHOT 2022] PSA 5.7 Rock

    Palmetto State Armory showed off a variety of new products today, including the widely rumored and eagerly anticipated 5.7 Rock handgun. They also had their PSAK-105 pistol that I shot yesterday, a PSAK in 5.56, and a clone of the Chinese “Spiker” AK in 7.62×39.

    [SHOT 2022] PSA 5.7 Rock with Holosun Red Dot

    PSA Shows off their 5.7 Rock Pistol and Some PSAKs

    Rumors have run wild about PSA producing a 5.7 handgun in the last few days. At SHOT 2022 today, PSA had twp of the 5.7s available for handling. They will be offering the 5.7 Rock both with and without an optics cut. Both models will come from the factory with a 23-round magazine, and are expected to release within the next 60 days.

    [SHOT 2022] PSA 5.7 Rock

    The 5.7 Rock is surprisingly comfortable to hold, but perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. The PSA Dagger not-a-Glocks are very comfortable as well. Despite having a magazine capable of holding 5.7 rounds, it did not feel like the grip was long, so to speak, as some other 5.7 handguns do.

    PSAK Spiker and 5.56

    In PSAK news, yesterday I got to shoot the PSAK-105, a 5.45 AK pistol. Today I got to see two other variants of the PSAK, the Spiker and the 5.56. Both the PSAK 5.56 and Spiker have been getting shown around for a while now. However, at the booth today a representative said that both the Spiker and the 5.56 AK were in full production, and should be releasing around Q2 of this year.

    [SHOT 2022] PSAK “Spiker”

    The PSAK “Spiker” is designed to mimic the features of the Polytech AKS-762. Namely, the blonde wood and underfolding spike bayonet. However, this is not a clone, just a PSAK with a cool feature.

    [SHOT 2022] PSAK 5.56

    Much like the PSAK Spiker has one major design feature that makes it stand out, the PSAK 5.56 has a redesigned magwell intended to accept STANAG 5.56 magazines. As pictured above, the PSAK 5.56 will come with a 30-round Magpul PMAG, where legal.

    5.7 Rock Fast Facts

    • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
    • MSRP: $549 Optics Ready, $499 standard
    • Release Date: Less than 60 days
    • Capacity: 23-round 5.7 magazine
    • Other Features:
      • Optics ready version comes with a threaded barrel

    PSAK SPIKER Fast Facts

    • Caliber: 7.62×39
    • MSRP: $1000 (approximate)
    • Release Date: Q2 2022
    • Barrel Length: 16″
    • Capacity: 30-round AK magazine
    • Other Features:
      • Underfolding low velocity pyramidal steel hole-punch (spiker bayonet)


    • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
    • MSRP: $1000 (approximate)
    • Release Date: Q2 2022
    • Barrel Length: 16″
    • Capacity: 30-round STANAG magazine
    • Other Features:
      • Last round bolt hold open
      • RPK trunnion
      • Adjustable gas block

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