POTD: Browning BAR Match & InfiRay Zoom ZH38 Thermal Imaging Monocular

    InfiRay Zoom ZH38

    The InfiRay Zoom Series ZH38 - Thermal Imaging Monocular

    Our Photo Of The Day brings us to the subject of hunting and thermal imaging. Some say it takes the hunt out of hunting, but it can be a great help and also make dull moments much more interesting. Here you can see the Browning BAR Match in .308 Win and the brand new InfiRay Zoom ZH38 thermal imaging monocular which I brought to a recent hunt. The camera managed to catch the disappearing sunlight just over the InfiRay icon.

    The Zoom ZH38 has 640×512 pixels, 12μm and a claimed NETD of ≤25mk Thermal Imaging Sensor. It also has an optical dual field of view and shutterless technology, which they claim they’re first in the world with.

    This was a day hunt, a driven hunt with dogs, so the Browning was equipped with a Swarovski Z8i with a Spuhr mount. A pretty awesome setup. The InfiRay Zoom provided quite a lot of information that my eyes couldn’t see. I could see other hunters, dogs and people to avoid shooting in that direction (always be sure what’s behind your target!) and also animals in the forest far away.

    Here is a video from the InfiRay Zoom from a later non-hunting occasion. Pitch-black outside, snow on the ground and -4C. There are quite a few wild boars at about 20-30 meters, sometimes closer and I was pretty scared!

    The InfiRay Zoom ZH38 is up for a review soon. Until then, you can find a link to it here.