POTD: Victrix Armaments “Throne” – Extreme Long Range Rifle

    Victrix Armaments

    Photo Of The Day is TFB’s place where you can unwind and just enjoy interesting pictures for a while. While the rest of this blog is stacked with new releases, information and reviews, you can just enjoy the tranquility and beautiful pictures here. We’ve been doing it since 2014 and keep on going, every day of the year. Today we have an Extreme Long Range Rifle from Victrix Armaments in Italy, with a Steiner riflescope sitting firmly in a ROME mount.

    Your Throne is waiting for its King
    Long distances have no more secrets. Discover the Top of the Extreme Long Range line chambered in .375 and .408 CT. on our website: www.victrixarmaments.com
    Victrix Armaments, expect the unexpected
    The accessories mounted on this rifle are made by ROME – Rottigni Officina MEccanica:
    – Scope Mount M1N00Q
    – Rail H10 L55 ARO101
    – Rail H25 L85 ARO103
    You can find the complete line on www.romeaccessories.it
    At Victrix Armaments, we see ourselves as unique within the firearms industry, with the exception of the Benchmark match grade barrel, all of the other components of the rifle have been designed and manufactured within our company. The advantage to this, of course, is that we are not reliant on other manufacturers for supply, quality and functionality. In maintaining this degree of control, we have analysed specific materials for their mechanical qualities and incorporated them into the design and manufacture of our rifles.
    The model is called “Throne” and it can be found here: https://www.victrixarmaments.com/en/sporting/throne/
    Let us know what you think about the rifle in the comments.