Henry Debuts Limited-Time Offer on American Bison Tribute Rifle

Luke C.
by Luke C.
Henry Debuts Limited-Time Offer on American Bison Tribute Rifle

American Bison are a big part of this country’s history and it is no surprise that a company like Henry Repeating Arms would come out with a rifle in tribute to the majestic American Bison. The new Henry American Bison Tribute Rifle “Return of a Monarch” will be chambered in .45-70 and will also come with a limited-time Free Matching Print of the engraved artwork featured on the lever-action rifle. Made in partnership with High Caliber Gifts, LTD, the extremely limited-edition rifle is available now with no extra charge for shipping in time for Christmas 2021.

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Henry Debuts Limited-Time Offer on American Bison Tribute Rifle

In the late 1880s the American Bison Society reported that of the tens of millions of bison that once roamed America, only 1,091 remained.

Produced in partnership with High Caliber Gifts LTD, the Limited Edition “Return of a Monarch” American Bison Tribute .45-70 rifle features fancy Black American Walnut stocks and exclusive bison engraving on both sides of the receiver.

This special edition rifle celebrates the “Return of a Monarch” and is available for a limited time with exclusive prints of the artwork that is engraved on each side of the rifle’s receiver. The prints are numbered to match the rifle’s serial number.

Henry Debuts Limited-Time Offer on American Bison Tribute Rifle

The rifle being offered is a Model H010B and features a 22-inch octagonal barrel and a four-round magazine tube capacity. The receiver of the American Bison Tribute rifle will be made from brass and come drilled and tapped for a Weaver 63B mount. The rifle will also feature integrated sling swivels, a large-sized loop lever, a straight grip style walnut stock as well as fully adjustable rear sights paired with a brass beaded front sight. As its name implies, the rifle will feature engraved tribute art to the American Bison which was designed by Eric True of Baron Engraving in Trumbull, CT. The rifles will all ship with matching serial numbers and will sell for $1,595 each and come with free matching prints of the engraved artwork. For those interested, individual prints of the artwork on a high-quality, woven cotton-blend canvas in a 30×40-inch size for $495 per print.

Henry Debuts Limited-Time Offer on American Bison Tribute Rifle

Erica is a talented engraver who is earning accolades for her artistry and detail and who also recently engraved the “Western Heritage” Colt Single Action Army for the 2016 SHOT Show auction.

Engraving on the right side of the receiver is based on an original charcoal drawing, “On the Brink” created for this project by well-known South Dakota artist Ray Kelly. It portrays a Bison bull and cow looking over an expanse of prairie that once included thousands of grazing bison. The question posed by the painting is whether Bison, then on the brink, would ever again graze American prairies. The “Return of a Monarch” Bison Tribute celebrates the fact that today; Bison again graze American prairies by the thousands.

Engraving on receiver’s left side is based on a Wild Wings exclusive Rosemary Millett oil painting entitled “Dusty Plains Bison”. Millet created the painting after watching two bison bulls walk across a South Dakota plain and being amazed at how much dust two ambling bison could generate.

Henry Debuts Limited-Time Offer on American Bison Tribute Rifle
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  • RobertNorwood RobertNorwood on Dec 09, 2021

    It's nice but I'm not looking to pay for engravings. We spend $$ as it is on a good firearm and ammo not forgetting all the peripheral stuff included - $$$. Give us a break.

    • Mel Mel on Dec 09, 2021

      @RobertNorwood OK, so don't buy one.

  • Bob Bob on Dec 10, 2021

    anybody know where to buy 45-90 ammo?