NEW Crossbreed Rogue – Modern Fits for Modern Carry Guns

    crossbreed rogue

    Crossbreed Holsters is known among concealed carry advocates for their SuperTuck which has become a staple, popular holster because of its hybrid nature. Long gone are the days where firearm owners look for holsters that are “fixed” in nature – they can only be carried one way and nothing more. Understanding this, Crossbreed holsters has come out with yet another hybrid-style holster to wear many hats in the Crossbreed Rogue.

    Crossbreed Holsters @ TFB:

    The Crossbreed Rogue is unique because it can be carried in many positions about your waist, but also because they are numerous accessories you can jointly deploy with this holster. These include an attached magazine carrier, adjustable retention, different clip options, or even a concealment wedge. The rest of the specifications and features for this holster can be read below:

    • Detachable Magazine Carrier Optional 
      • Flexible Magazine Attachment Band
    • Adjustable Retention
    • CB Concealment Claw Optional
    • Multiple Clip Options
      • Reckoning Style Metal Clips (default)
      • Ulticlips
      • Monoblock (Holster Only)
      • IWB Snap Loops (Holster Only)
      • OWB Loops

    crossbreed rogue

    • Multiple Clip Location/Attachment Points
    • Adjustable Cant
    • Curved Design
    • Smooth “Skin Side” Design
    • Micro Red Dot Compatible
    • Suppressor Height Sight Compatible
    • Multiple Carry Position Options
    • Cerakoted Hardware

    crossbreed rogue

    The Crossbreed Rogue holster is going to be initially offered for $74.95 for only the firearm holster while if you opt for the holster plus magazine carrier it will be $99.95. If you are seeking further comfort and a better fit, Crossbreed’s foam wedge will be coming soon. For anyone who wants to give the Crossbreed Rogue holster a test drive, Crossbreed does offer a 2-week trial period to see if it is the right holster for you. They also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and always stand behind their holsters. If you are curious if the Crossbreed Rogue will fit your everyday carry (EDC) pistol, these are all of the firearms the Rogue will initially fit below:

    • Glock G17, G19, G43, G43X, G43 MOS, G45, G48, G49 MOS
    • Glock G22, G23
    • S&W M&P Shield, Shield Plus, Shield 2.0
    • S&W M&P Full Size, Compact, 2.0
    • Sig P365XL, P365XL SAS, P365, P365 SAS, P365 RomeoZero
    • Sig 320 Compact, X5 Legion, Full Size, RXP, X Compact, M17, M18, X Carry, X-Vtac
    • Springfield Hellcat, Hellcat OSP, Hellcat RDP
    • Taurus GX4

    There will assuredly be more firearm fits to come in the future. So, for everyone in the reading audience who may own one of those firearms mentioned, would you be willing to try the new Crossbreed Rogue holster? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    crossbreed rogue

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