POTD: The Zeiss LRP, ZCO 527 and Kahles 525i Reticles – 2000 Yards

    Zeiss LRP reticle.

    Photo Of The Day: Recently Zeiss Optics released a new line of long-range precision riflescopes with impressive features for use in long-range competition or hunting. Here we’re going to take a look at their 5-25×56 version. According to Zeiss, they are first with an elevation of 40.7MRAD or 140MOA. On top of the new Zeiss LRP riflescope, there are also pictures from the Zero Compromise ZCO 527 and the Kahles 525i, all provided by MK Machining.


    ZEISS LRP, ZCO 527, KAHLES 525i, 5x then 25x at just under 2000 yards. 1965 to be precise. These are completely undoctored, with locked settings. Lighting was kept as consistent as possible with spotty clouds. Many more comparisons to come, and of course glass quality isn’t the only measure for a top tier scope.
    After getting much more use we will share some videos with thoughts of other aspects such as turret feel, etc. The Zeiss has an eyebox at least as forgiving as the ZCO, with the Kahles being more touchy, but none are as touchy as a Tangent which proves very hard to get pictures through at high magnifications.

    Zeiss LRP S5

    Zero Compromise ZCO 527

    KAHLES K525i

    For more on the ZCO527, please check out: TFB Review: Zero Compromise ZC527 Scope and Spuhr SP-6602 Mount.

    Did you manage to find which scope and reticle you liked most? Let us know below.

    Photo Source: MK Machining