POTD: The VCD10 by Verney-Carron Defense

    VCD10 Verney-Carron Defense

    Photo Of The Day, and it’s time for a rather unusual firearm. At least it’s the first time we have it featured in any of our POTDs. The VCD10 is a semi-automatic precision rifle made by Verney-Carron Defense in France. The design of the VCD10 is inspired by the AR10 and promises a 1 MOA accuracy.

    Above you can see it with a Schmidt & Bender LPVO riflescope, which TFB reviewd earlier in this article:  The 1-8×24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC – from Schmidt & Bender. In this picture it has an ERATAC mount.

    Recently, at MILIPOL in Paris, the company released their new version of an AR15, called the VCD15.

    Verney-Carron was established in 1820 and has a long tradition of making sporting guns and security equipment.

    You can find more details about their firearms here, although mainly in French:  Verney-Carron Defense

    The photo is from Instinct Tactique. Please check out more of their excellent work.