POTD: Best Sniper Winter Competition 2022 (Switzerland)

    POTD: Best Sniper Winter Competition 2022 (Switzerland)

    TFB’s Photo Of The Day loves sniper competitions and we hope they love us back. If you’re not busy doing something else in the beginning of March next year, you may gather your team and join the Best Sniper Winter 2022 competition.

    Above you have a great picture to mark the event. Can you identify the rifles? All I can see is that the sniper rifle has a Schmidt & Bender scope.

    From AssoSion (Switzerland), about the Winter competition (machine translated):

    Asso Sion is organizing the Best Sniper competition! Are you able to survive in hostile territory and carry out your mission there?

    The Best Sniper competition is a military competition taking place over 2 days at the Hongrin place of arms. It is based on 4th generation sniping in winter conditions. It requires very good physical condition, excellent health and a good knowledge of infantry.

    The participants will work in pairs (2 men / women). They register as such on the competition site. Participants must have successfully completed their recruit school. There is no age limit. The competition is open to all ranks, arms and functions.

    Here is a video replay of the Best Sniper 2008.

    Best Sniper Winter 2022. Limited to 15 teams. 17 teams registered! The first 15 who have paid for their registration will be selected! The EM Best Sniper will review each additional application beyond 15 patrols. Some exceptions will be made after review.

    You can find more information about the event here: https://sof-sion.ch/event/competition-best-sniper/

    Picture and Caption Source: AssoSion