POTD: Security Forces Squadron Training

    POTD: Security Forces Squadron Training

    Photo Of The Day: Here we look at 291th Security Forces Squadron members Airman 1st Class Calvin Sprung, Staff Sgt. Michael Lee and Airman 1st Class Daejon Snipes wearing personal protective equipment as they run into their position during a force on force training in a military operation in urban terrain (MOUT) village at Camp Gilbert C. Grafton, near Devils Lake, N.D., July 15, 2020.

    POTD: Security Forces Squadron Training

    Working the barricade with the M4 rifle. It is a pretty compact carbine after all.

    Preparing to fire the M4 rifle at the Camp Grafton Training Center.

    The MOUT building structures offer realistic training for the security forces members to practice entering, clearing and securing buildings as they carry out battle scenarios. They are wearing protective gear because they are firing simunition rounds that are similar to paintball rounds in order to provide more realistic conditions for training.

    Looks like Cold War propaganda.

    The engagement skills trainer 2000 M4 rifle during digital weapons simulation training at Camp Gilbert C. Grafton. The electronic, virtual firing range offers realistic weapons firing training without the use of ammunition and safety precautions necessary on a live fire range.

    Photo Source: U.S. Air National Guard, Chief Master Sgt. David H. Lipp.