TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Shop Horror Stories with the TFB Crew

    TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Shop Horror Stories with the TFB Crew

    Happy (almost) Halloween everybody! This week I’ve brought on some of the TFB crew to talk about some of their worst gun shop related horror stories. If you’ve ever been to an indoor range or spent any amount of time in a gun shop, you already know where this one is going. To get these stories to you I’ve brought on Mike R who has been a writer with TFB for years and is one of our veteran writers, Benjamin F who is most well known on the blog for his humorous gun-running article, our newest writer Lucas D, Adam Scepaniak who is the owner at the Guns and Gear Store in Minnesota, and finally, Daniel Y, owner and operator of the popular Instagram handle fromtheguncounter. Sit back, grab a drink and relax to this special edition of the TFB B-Side podcast while you hand out nutritionally deficient confections to the neighborhood kids. Happy Halloween Everyone!


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    TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Shop Horror Stories with the TFB Crew

    This week on the show I’ve brought along some of my fellow writers to bring you all some of the worst (or best) gun shop horror stories to ever be told. If you’ve ever been a worker or a patron inside of a gun shop or indoor gun range you’ll already know that you can run into some pretty zany characters and have even probably dealt with a few yourself.

    To this end I’ve brought along fellow writers and TFB contributors Adam S, Lucas D, Daniel Y, Mike R and Benjamin F to tell their tales of gun shop terror to fit in with this Halloween season. Thanks as always to our TFB listeners and readers! Let us know if you have any of your own gun shop horror stories in the comments below!

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    TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Shop Horror Stories with the TFB Crew

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