POTD: Shotgun at Bianchi Battle Match


    POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, is TFB’s daily article series where we try to find pictures that will entertain you. Did you know that credit for the first-ever color photograph taken goes to the mathematical physicist James Clerk Maxwell? At a lecture in 1861 he unveiled what is to be considered as the first durable color photograph. It certainly sounds a lot more interesting than anything I did at school.

    Fast forward over 150 years and here we are looking at shotguns and other Army firearms from the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center. Above we have Capt. Eduardo Gallardo and Sgt. Jose Otero-Cruz, Puerto Rico, as they fire shotguns at stationary steel targets during the Bianchi Battle Match.

    Below we can see a Wyoming National Guard, as he rehearses his posture before the Rapid Pistol Close Quarter Battle match. The event was hosted by the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center, held at the Robinson Joint Maneuver Training Center in August 2021.

    Capt. Eduardo Gallardo, Puerto Rico, engages the steel rack with his pistol during the Bianchi Battle match.

    Sgt. Kyle Thies, Iowa National Guard, fires his M-4 rifle. Trijicon sight.

    Capt. Marshall Halas, Michigan National Guard, fires rapidly. Below a magazine change. Nice rifle, I like that.

    Competitors engage their targets on the firing line during the Reflexive Fire match of the 50th Winston P. Wilson and the 30th Armed Forces Skill at Arms Championships hosted by the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center

    Staff Sgt. Joseph Wyner, New Hampshire National Guard, loads his pistol and waits for the command to fire.

    Photos by U.S. Army National Guard, taken by Staff Sgt. Israel Sanchez.