POTD: Combat Boat 90 Next Generation

    POTD: Combat Boat 90 Next Generation

    Copyright Saab AB

    During DSEI 2021 in London, Saab Showcases their new Combat Boat 90 Next Generation on the river Thames. Twice per day visitors were offered waterborne demonstrations outside the main hall and thanks to this we have some spectacular press pictures to share.

    From SAAB:

    This CB90 Next Generation (CB90 NG) features new capabilities as well as many of the features that the original CB90 is famous for. Designed to swiftly transport marines and other forces, CB90 is renowned for the ease by which troops can rapidly get on-shore and depart again, be it a beach or an awkward, elevated rocky shore. CB90 NG builds on that capability and, depending on the mission, can take on different roles in the sensor and combat chain. CB90 NG includes a new combat management system and sensors for surveillance, ballistic protection, as well as further improved stealth, manoeuvrability and speed. By providing amphibious forces with multi-mission capabilities, CB90 NG is an even more potent means by which to project force from the sea.

    The example of CB90 NG to be shown at DSEI was recently delivered to the Swedish Navy, with the designation Docksta CB 90HSM.

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    All photos: Saab AB / Copyright Saab AB.