POTD: Battle Worn Painted Cadex Defence Chassis

    POTD: Battle Worn Painted Cadex Defence Chassis

    Photo Of The Day: Changing the chassis is a great way to give your existing rifle new features. Giving the chassis a coat of paint is another. Although that layer of color might not add anything to the accuracy of the system, it certainly will help you stand out at the shooting range and most likely make you feel much better about your build. You’re no longer just the guy with another black rifle.┬áThe pictures of these builds published by Cadex Defence include calibers .375 EnABELR and .338 Lapua Magnum, in Battle Worn White and Blue. Being slightly shorter than .375 CheyTac, the .375 EnABELR cartridge can be mag-fed easier.

    Cadex Defence design, manufacture and deliver solutions if you’re looking for a chassis for your next build. You can find their Homepage here: https://www.cadexdefence.com/

    Cadex Defence:
    Stepping out this weekend and have some tough decisions… Battle worn Blue for 375 EnABELR or Battle worn White for 338 Lapua Magnum?

    POTD: Battle Worn Painted Cadex Defence Chassis

    POTD: Battle Worn Painted Cadex Defence Chassis

    Which caliber and color do you prefer between the two?

    Photo source: Cadex Defence