True Velocity Announces Distribution Partnership with Virtus Ammo

    True Velocity Announces Distribution Partnership with Virtus Ammo

    (True Velocity)

    Utah-based company Virtus Ammo will become the first certified ammunition distributor for True Velocity’s products. Virtus Ammo will bring True Velocity’s composite-cased .308 ammunition, which was recently introduced onto the market, to stores.

    True Velocity @ TFB:

    True Velocity Announces Distribution Partnership with Virtus Ammo

    Here’s True Velocity’s announcement in full:

    GARLAND, TX (August 26, 2021) – Texas-based advanced manufacturing company True Velocity has announced their partnership with Virtus Ammo to act as the first licensed distributor of their composite-cased .308 WIN ammunition in a move that will bring the revolutionary rounds to store shelves and in the hands of discerning shooters. Additional calibers and configurations are expected to follow in subsequent months.

    “This is a very important step in the process of making sure the public can see our ammo in person and expand access to our products,” said True Velocity Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Pat Hogan. “Virtus is an aggressive partner, and we look forward to expanding our business with their help.”

    Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Virtus carries a large selection of modern-day ammunition scalable and adaptable to all calibers. The company provides rounds for all shooting activities including target, sport, personal defense, and hunting and acts as a liaison between True Velocity and dealers across the United States.

    “Without a doubt, True Velocity’s composite-cased ammunition gives us the closest example of what the future of shooting looks like,” said Darren Crockett, Chief Operating Officer at Virtus Ammo. “Being named as the first distributor of this history-making product is an exciting opportunity for our team.”

    True Velocity rounds provide significant advantages over traditional brass rounds, including reduced heat transfer to firearms, leading to longer chamber life and decreased throat erosion. These rounds boast sub-MOA accuracy and extreme consistency in muzzle velocity, thus providing serious shooters with an extraordinary performance advantage.

    To learn more about Virtus Ammo, shop True Velocity ammunition, or become an official dealer of the innovative product visit

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