True Velocity .308 Win Composite-Cased Ammo Now Available

    True Velocity .308 Win Composite-Cased Ammo Now Available

    True Velocity first showed composite-cased .308 Winchester ammunition intended for the civilian market at the SHOT Show 2020. Recently, the company released a limited run of commemorative box sets of this ammunition. And shortly after that, they announced that their .308 Win composite-cased ammo is now available commercially.

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    Here is how the company describes their new .308 Win composite-cased ammo:

    The True Velocity .308 WIN composite cartridge is designed for perfection. Included in the custom packaging are 20 state-of-the-art, composite-cased True Velocity rounds loaded with 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition HPBT projectiles.

    With a 30% reduction in weight compared to traditional brass rounds and unprecedented accuracy and consistency, True Velocity’s precisely manufactured ammunition provides serious shooters with a serious advantage.

    And this is the ballistic data of this load:

    True Velocity .308 Win Composite-Cased Ammo Now Available

    True Velocity .308 Win composite-cased ammunition is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $69.99 for a 20-round box. At $3.5 per round, this particular load is pretty expensive but I guess it should be still interesting for target/competition shooters which is probably the target market of this load judging by the bullet used. The 30% weight reduction should also be attractive to those for whom decreasing the weight of their gear is a priority even if it comes at an increased cost.

    I think where this composite-cased ammunition could really succeed in the civilian market is the price department. If they manage to offer range/ball ammo priced on par with steel-cased ammunition (I believe this technology has that potential) or hunting ammunition priced significantly lower compared to brass-cased counterparts loaded with the same bullets, that would be a real competitive advantage with the potential of completely replacing brass and steel cases in certain niches of the ammunition market.

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