POTD: Lithuanian Snipers at 2021 Best Sniper Team Competition

Eric B
by Eric B
The AXMC snper rifle made by Accuracy International Ltd.

It’s that time of the year again when some of the best sniper teams in the world gather to compete in the European Best Sniper Team Competition. Above you can spot a Lithuanian soldier as he scans a field for targets in a downed aircraft. The pictures are taken in Hohenfels Training Area, Germany.

Below: A Latvian soldier shoots at targets in a kneeling position.

The 2021 European Best Sniper Team Competition is a U.S. Army Europe and Africa-directed, 7th Army Training Command hosted contest of skill that includes 14 participating NATO allies and partner nations at 7th ATC’s Hohenfels Training Area, August 8-14.

The AXMC is a sniper rifle made by Accuracy International Ltd. The riflescope is most likely from Kahles and the mount is from Spuhr. Note the mirage band over the barrel.

Mastering the handgun was part of the exercise as well.

Shooting weak hand with the Glock 17.

Below: Carrying the wounded.

All photos from the U.S. Army, taken by Cpl. Shawn Pierce.

Eric B
Eric B

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