POTD: CZ 75 Automatic

    In today’s Photo Of The Day, we have a set of pictures published by Ceska Zbrojovka depicting one of the rarest CZ 75 pistol subspecies – the CZ 75 Automatic. As the model name implies, this is a select-fire handgun, a member of the machine pistols family of firearms that includes guns like Beretta 93R, Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer, Glock G18, APS, H&K VP70, etc.

    CZ 75 Automatic is chambered in 9x19mm and fed from 16 or 25 round magazines. The safety/fire mode selector lever has three positions: safe, semi-auto and full-auto. The pistol is equipped with a longer 146mm (5.75″) barrel that has six compensator holes drilled into it. Another distinctive feature of this handgun is the possibility to attach a spare magazine to the dust cover portion of the frame, to use it as a front grip.

    CZ 75 Automatic (3)

    Unlike many other machine pistols, CZ 75 Automatic has no provision for attaching a stock. The front magazine-grip and the compensator are supposed to make it controllable in the full-auto mode. Well, apparently it was not controllable enough for the Rapid Response Unit of the Police of the Czech Republic who rejected the pistol after testing it in 1992. To have an idea about the controllability of this handgun, watch the below-embedded video that shows one of CZ employees dumping the 16-round magazine of CZ 75 Automatic in full-auto.

    Despite the failure to satisfy the mentioned Czech LE agency, CZ produced these pistols in small batches. In total, from 1995 to 2007, 2382 CZ 75 Automatic pistols were made. If you want to learn more about the development and features of the CZ 75 Automatic pistol, click here to read the Ceska Zbrojovka article about this handgun.

    CZ 75 Automatic (4)

    CZ 75 Automatic (2)

    Pictures by Česká zbrojovka a.s., www.czub.cz