Cobalt Kinetics Relaunch – Cobalt 2.0 Updated BAMF-Pro Firearms

    Cobalt Kinetics Relaunch - Cobalt 2.0 Updated BAMF-Pro Rifles

    Cobalt Kinetics Relaunch - Cobalt 2.0 Updated BAMF-Pro Rifles

    High-end rifle manufacturer Cobalt Kinetics has just announced the official reboot of their BAMF-Pro firearms. The Cobalt Kinetics relaunch includes partnerships with Radian Weapons, SB Tactical, Geissele Automatics, and VLTOR Weapons among others. Cobalt Kinetics opened its doors in 2014 and has gone through ownership changes and a series of product lineup updates. The press release with additional information can be found below.

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    Cobalt Kinetics Relaunch – Cobalt 2.0 Updated BAMF-Pro Firearms

    Cobalt Kinetics Relaunch - Cobalt 2.0 Updated BAMF-Pro Rifles

    Cobalt Kinetics Relaunch – Cobalt 2.0 Updated BAMF-Pro Rifles

    Cobalt Kinetics® is BACK and BETTER than ever!

    July 23rd, 2021: Cobalt Kinetics, a manufacturer of American Masterpiece firearms; is proud to announce the re-launching of the famed brand. Cobalt started initially in 2014 and immediately became a statement brand by releasing their highly polished, competition grade rifles. Competitive shooters from all different disciplines saw podium level victories with their original Cobalt rifles, and that pedigree for performance is still in Cobalt’s DNA today. With the recent re-launch of the brand Cobalt the new management has taken the opportunity to update the brand to encapsulate consumer needs from all different arenas (Defense, Tactical, LE/MIL, and Competition).

    The “Cobalt 2.0” updated series of firearms falls under the BAMF-Pro line of carbines/ pistols, and all of them have received major updates. From incorporating seamless upper receiver to lower receiver fitment, to creating a hybrid-mono handguard system all changes have had the end user in mind. To add to the new thirst for evolution, Cobalt has also teamed up with brands like; Rosco Manufacturing (barrels), Geissele Automatics (triggers), Radian Weapons (charging handles), VLTOR Weapons (A5 tube system), B5 Systems(furniture), and SB Tactical (pistol braces). All these items now come as standard OEM pieces when you purchase a BAMF-Pro line rifle/ pistol.

    As an even SWEETER incentive to run a Cobalt, Cobalt Kinetics has secured financing through Credova for purchases made directly through their website. You heard right! You can configure your dream build today and not worry about paying it off right away. Head to Cobalt Kinetics to configure your blaster now!

    “We are extremely excited to be back and working to bring consumers the best rifle that we can produce. It is a pure joy to be able to do what we love, to provide shooters a platform designed/ built by shooters. We are also excited about being able to offer financing to all perspective Cobalt owners. Having an organization like Credova willing to offer financing in the 2A community is a breath of fresh air. The opportunity to offer this option to our customer gives them the power to purchase a platform that they can use for defense, recreation, etc. Bigger things are on the horizon for our brand, so I would suggest that folks stay tuned.” Aaron Quinn(Owner/ CEO)

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    About Cobalt Kinetics®: Cobalt Kinetics is a manufacturer of American Masterpiece firearms. The legacy of the brand stems from deep roots within the competitive shooting sports side and has created a thirst to evolve the platform to encompass the needs of any shooter. Whether it be Defense, Precision, Hunting, MIL/ LE, Cobalt will be working to fill their needs.


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