Cobalt Kinetics Ceases Premium AR15 Production

    With the recent sneak peek of the new Cobalt Kinetics line of 1911-Style Pistols, there was also some other less positive news attached to the same release.

    About five years ago Cobalt Kinetics released their new series of modern AR-15s. Most of them had a very aggressive design combined with fancy colors and details, and over the years you have read plenty about them here at TFB. They have also been show on TFBTV, for instance at the 2017 SHOT Show Range Day where James discussed the Cobalt Kinetics’ EVOLVE/C.A.R.S. AR15 platform.

    Now, however, Cobalt Kinetics have announced that they are going to “discontinue domestic sales of its entire lineup of semi-auto sporting rifles.” As they are shifting to manufacturing pistols, the production of the BAMF rifles will soon cease for the United States market. In case you didn’t know BAMF stands for Billet Aluminium Modern Firearm.

    I am not sure why they mention that the production will cease for the US market. Perhaps this means it will continue for the rest of the world? Don’t get me wrong, I like the rifles but I don’t really think that the market outside the US is that big.

    Recon Model (Cobalt Kinetics)

    Below you can read the Press Release from Cobalt Kinetics, less the news about the 1911 Pistols:

    Cobalt Kinetics will discontinue domestic sales of its entire lineup of semi-auto sporting rifles.

    Production of the BAMF – and all its variants like the EDGE, TEAM, RECON, and EVOLVE-will soon cease for the United States market. Production efforts will be shifted to manufacturing pistol components.

    Vice president and marketing director at Cobalt, Skylar Stewart, commented, “We are sorry to have to take the BAMF out of production. We all worked tirelessly to create it and get it out into the world and establish and grow the market for the super-premium AR-15.

    But times change, market demand shifts, and we’re only looking forward. We have really been wanting to expand our offering for a long time and this shift gives us the chance to make good on that plan. Our pistol-smith, Dave Lake, has a lot of experience and has given us a healthy head start on this thing. We’re going to hit the ground running. We plan to break some rules, turn some heads and make our mark on the firearm industry again.”

    CK – Overwatch Competition model

    Cobalt Kinetics does still have a standing inventory of new and used rifles.

    The new guns are exactly that- new boxed inventory, while the used guns are all trade show samples and sales and range demo rifles in various conditions ranging from bearing a few slight handling marks to heavy cosmetic damage from extreme use. This inventory is being offered for sale to any and all with the foresight to get them while you still can. The Cobalt rifle will surely become a valuable commodity among gun collectors. Cobalt maintains that each of these last 200 new guns will be sold with a full factory warranty.

    (If you are interested in one of the rifles you can contact Cobalt’s sales team at: [email protected])

    The Evolve (Cobalt Kinetics)

    As you may have noted, the rifles from Cobalt Kinetics are in the premium and super-premium range, with matching prices. For instance the EVOLVE is a $5,700 rifle. Cobalt Kinetics claim to be “The Leader in Premium AR15s“, and with price tags (well) above $2,000 all of their selection seem to be premium or above. Their LE/MIL models also start in the same price region.

    Does it mean that Cobalt are going to stop production of AR15 altogether? In any case we wish them good luck with their new focus on 1911/2011 pistols and look forward to report more as things develop.

    It is not too far-fetched to see some similarities with Colt’s decision to pause civilian AR-15 production, although the end products may be in completely different price ranges.

    In other recent news MARS Inc. and Cobalt Kinetics Submitted a NEW Carbine, LMG and 6.8mm Cartridge to the  US Army NGSW Program but were not down-selected.

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