RemArms – Future Guns, Timelines, Discontinued Guns, and Warranty

    RemArms - Future Guns, Timelines, Discontinued Guns, and Warranty

    RemArms - Future Guns, Timelines, Discontinued Guns, and Warranty

    We at TFB reported a little over 7 weeks ago that RemArms (formerly Remington Outdoor Company) had faced some much covered hardship and is now on the rebound. If anybody is going to make comebacks cool again it is going to be RemArms in 2021 because they not only have big plans, but they appear to have the clout to achieve them.

    Remington News @ TFB:

    Recently, RemArms sent out an e-mail to dealers and distributors stating their positioning, plans, and objectives for the coming months in regards to new models, discontinuing certain models, production timelines, and their warranty (should you ever need it). They kicked off those communications with dealers and distributors with the statement below:

    Good Day, from Remington Firearms! After an absence of nearly a year, RemArms is excited to begin offering Remington firearms back into the marketplace.


    RemArms Tac-14 Hardwood

    According to RemArms, they should be viewed as a new company – like a true start-up – with the similar buzz of excitement, ambition, and ongoing activities that you would imagine coming from something entirely new. They also wanted to note to their partners – dealers, distributors, and potential customers – that they will be a much smaller company than the previous Remington Outdoor Company; and as a result, will have different capabilities (both positive, and for the interim, negative in some aspects).

    Coming from the same communication to dealers and distributors (which we are not fully disclosing out of respect to RemArms and the privacy to their dealers and distributors), they spoke about the different firearm models they will look to immediately begin producing, and others they will discontinue entirely.

    remarms – The Product

    • New Quality Control Protocols and Gallery Testing have been implemented to ensure that the Quality of RemArms Guns are 1st Rate.
    • Model 783s and 1911S are ABSENT for the time being. A reintroduction of both of these categories is planned for the future.
    • Model 11/87s are DISCONTINUED.
    • The future of the semi-auto shotgun for RemArms lies in the V3 and VersaMax platforms. Model 1100s will continue to be produced in Sporting, Trap, and small gauge Sporting varieties.

    The number one aspect of a revitalized Remington firearms company, for consumers and producer alike, will be quality. It is reassuring and fantastic to hear that that will be at the forefront of RemArms’ efforts. RemArms expects to begin producing Remington branded and RemArms roll marked products in early July. Shipments of that production should commence immediately (so hopefully it is fully underway at the time of this writing).


    RemArms Model 700 5-R Stainless Threaded Barrel in .223 Rem, .308 Win, or .300 Win Mag

    remarms – Service Requests

    • RemArms Production: RemArms does not, and will not, have a written Warranty statement. The RemArms Service policy is under review, but they intend to stand behind the product they make.
    • Pre-RemArms Production: Because the manufacturer of old Remington (pre-RemArms production) no longer exists, RemArms will not assume any liability for any product produced under the previous Remington Outdoor Company umbrella. Consumers who desire service for their legacy Remington product will be provided a ROC service ticket and referred to an authorized service center and will be charged accordingly for that service.

    To some of the Remington loyalists, it might be disheartening to hear that their older tried ‘n true firearms will no longer be serviced under warranty, but from a pragmatic and business standpoint, it is completely understandable. The new company cannot be held accountable for what the former did or did not do. The new “unwritten warranty” sounds a bit off-putting on paper, but I believe there is nothing written in stone simply because they have not ironed out their preferred wording and processes yet. In order to stay akin to their competition, I am sure a written, reassuring warranty will come in time.

    With the Remington factory roaring back to life and churning out firearms once again, the biggest question mark that might remain is when?… When will we see hunting rifles? When will we see handguns? When will shotguns be available (readily available) in stores and online? I, for one, would not be shy to purchase one of their firearms fresh out the gate, but how long will it authentically be until the marketplace is once again saturated with their firearms?

    Many legacy manufacturers are having a hard enough time producing products by combating the after-shock of COVID-19: lack of raw materials, sky-high demand, higher material costs, restricted workforces in certain areas of the country, etc. Then, factor in starting from the ground up in this environment and the new Remington definitely has a tough road ahead. With all that laid out, what do you think? Will you be purchasing one of their firearms soon? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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