A NEW HOPE: Remington 870 Shotguns Begin Production March 1st

    A NEW HOPE: Remington 870 Shotguns Begin Production March 1st

    A NEW HOPE: Remington 870 Shotguns Begin Production March 1st

    The new owners of Remington, the Roundhill Group, have just obtained their Federal Firearms License (FFL) for the iconic Ilion manufacturing plant where the Remington 870 shotguns are produced. The new owners plan on opening the plant for maintenance next week and will begin production on March 1st. Additional details can be found at the sources below.

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    ILION, N.Y. — The company that now owns the Remington Arms assets in Ilion has obtained its federal firearms license.

    Roundhill group, who bought Remington in Ilion last year, confirmed with NEWSChannel 2 that they received the license last week.The plan is to open the plant in Ilion on Feb. 16 for maintenance. They are targeting March 1 for production to begin. Roundhill Group partner, Richmond Italia, said the company plans to bring back 200 employees by the first day of production.

    Italia says the company is working with the state to increase jobs at the Ilion facility.

    “We’re deep in negotations with the state, trying to come up with some sort of compromise to build a new facility,” said Italia. “If we are able to come to terms and we do build a new facility, we will consolidate everything in New York, which will bring the company back to 800 to 1,000 employees, eventually.”

    They are also discussing opening a new facility in the parking lot of the current building.

    RemArms to Begin Production March 1


    Credit: Guy J. Sagi – Shooting Illustrated

    Italia still has shareholder interest in the company he founded, but emphasized successful businesses can only flourish when they take care of staff members.

    “I started GI Sportz. In ’98, with 24 employees and 13 of those original 24 still worked for me,” he explained.

    What will be the first firearm to come out of the factory once production resumes?

    “It’ll be the 870, that’ll be the first gun,” Italia said, promising to send photos of No. 1 before it’s goes out the door—or hangs on the wall in celebration of the milestone.


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