POTD: The Barrett M107A1 in New Zealand

    POTD: The Barrett M107A1 in New Zealand

    Photo Of The Day: I guess everyone wants and needs a suppressed Barrett M107A1? If you’ve never seen a suppressor for a .50 caliber rifle, I can tell you that they are huge.┬áIf I had the chance to fire any of these systems, I’d probably go for the H&K 40mm Grenade Machine Gun, loaded with high explosive grenades, of course.

    Here’s the caption from the New Zealand Army:

    Lining up the shot – Exercise Southern Warrior has seen soldiers from Fire Support Group (FSG), 2nd/1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment congregate in the wide landscapes of Tekapo.

    In support of Combat Corps Training, this has been the first opportunity for FSG to conduct live field firing outside of Op Protect rotations. As specialists in heavy weapons systems, this training was a chance to work on integration between platoons and up skill soldiers on the Anti-Materiel Rifle.

    FSG specialise in a wide range of weapons, including:
    M2HB-QCB.50cal Heavy Machine Gun
    M107A1 Anti-Materiel Rifle
    FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank Missile
    HK 40mm Grenade Machine Gun
    MAG-58 Sustained Fire Machine Gun

    FSG is a force multiplying capability, being able to effectively change the battle-space through both kinetic and non-kinetic effects, either mounted or dismounted in support of rifle companies.

    If you had only one choice, which firearm on the list would you like to try?

    All photos from the New Zealand Army.