POTD: German GunWorks Heckler & Koch MR223 A1 “Keiler”

    POTD: German GunWorks Heckler & Koch MR223 A1 "Keiler"

    Those who have been around TFB for a few years will surely remember the G29 Viper project from German GunWorks. They made an exceptional Haenel RS9 in .338 LM. German GunWorks has its roots in various conversions of firearms, which formed the basis of the company even before the trade in weapon accessories and firearms. The first weapon conversions took place on the basis of airsoft guns.

    Today we’re going to have a look at their first project, from 2013. The project is a Heckler & Koch MR223 A1 and it was called “Keiler”. The base was a brand new H&K MR223. For the fun of it, they published photos of it in a competition for the “best modified Heckler & Koch” at H&K in the US. To their surprise, GGW won the first place, through mainly US voters.

    German GunWorks – The first – Heckler & Koch MR223 A1 “Keiler”

    Type: Exhibition and presentation weapon
    Year 2013
    Partners: Frankonia, LaRue Tactical, Magpul, Caldwell, Uhl, Harris
    Basic weapon: Heckler & Koch MR223 A1 – black
    Mission: Show of Force – First weapon we modified
    Implementation: selection & modification of accessories / weapon, test, painting, aging
    Conclusion: Our first large-caliber firearm with which we could score in a competition from HK USA. The paintwork was quite complex and consisted of 5 different colors. Using various techniques, these were washed into each other and later additionally aged in order to achieve the desired appearance.

    POTD: German GunWorks Heckler & Koch MR223 A1 "Keiler"

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    We’re going to show more projects from GGW in the future. How do you like this one?