NEW From Kahr Arms: Introducing the Kahr P9-2 Series

    NEW From Kahr Arms Introducing the Kahr P9-2 Series

    Slimline 9mm pistols have been all the rage over the last few years. One of the first to the market, however, was Kahr Arms. Regardless of when you enter the game, you need to evolve to survive. Kahr understands this and continues to offer new versions of its classics. Packed with the features modern concealed carriers demand, this is the new Kahr P9-2 Series.

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    P9-2 Series

    For over 25 years, Kahr Firearms have been the experts at making the perfect carry pistol. Beginning with the original K9, Kahr pistols are the optimal combination of accuracy, compactness, reliability, and performance. The latest evolution of the family further enhances the Kahr concealed carry formula, refining the design of the P series pistols by adding two new 9mm variants: the P9-2, and TP9-2

    Introducing the Kahr Arms P9-2 Series

    P9-2 Series

    The P9-2 update has been applied to both the TP9 and P9 pistols. The upgrades are clear just looking at the guns. Front serrations have been added to give better purchase on the front of the gun. Just below, you’ll notice an added accessory rail. More people are carrying weapon-mounted lights on their carry guns and this rail broadens their options. The sights are tritium night sights for use in low-light situations.


    P9-2 Series

    TP9-2/P9-2 SPECS

    • Barrel: 4″/3.6″, polygonal rifling
    • Length: 6.5″/5.8″
    • Height: 5″/4.5″
    • Width: .9″
    • Weight: 18.5 oz/15.8 oz
    • MSRP: $679.00

    P9-2 Series

    Kahr offers a variety of pistols and value levels to the concealed carry market. Make sure you head over to their website to see what they can do for you. You can find Kahr Arms on all of your favorite social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Stay safe out there!

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