“On The Mark” Podcast by Sightmark with Host Jeff Hamilton

    Podcasts are a great way to pass the time alone in a car when you’ve grown tired of whatever newfangled pop music that is being blasted on repeat 24/7. Sightmark, a fairly well-known optics company in the industry has just started their own podcast with the “On the Mark” podcast and host Jeff Hamilton (would have been way cooler if they had a guy named Mark hosting the podcast). While a lot of people generally think of Sightmark as a solely budget-minded company, I recently learned that Sightmark also offers an entire lineup of “M-spec” optics which seem to be of much higher quality and design than their off the shelf red dots you can find at most sporting goods stores. Sightmark is currently on their 4th episode and they’ve already had some pretty great guests including Aaron Cayce of Phoenix Weaponry and Austin Rohr with Superior Outfitters who talk at length about both Texas gun laws and African safari hunts.

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    "On The Mark" Podcast by Sightmark with Host Jeff Hamilton

    “On The Mark” Podcast by Sightmark with Host Jeff Hamilton

    (MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Sightmark is thrilled to announce the release of the “On The Mark” podcast hosted by Jeff Hamilton! This Second Amendment-friendly podcast explores the newest and most exciting news from the firearms industry. Topics covered include hunting, politics, gun rights, conservationism and the future role of firearms in American society.

    With four episodes already published, this podcast features executives from Superior Outfitters, Defender Outdoors and more! The guests sit with Hamilton and provide an insider’s view on the latest developments within the industry, and Hamilton engages them with probing questions and comedic interludes to provide a wholesome, entertaining listening experience.

    The “On The Mark” podcast has huge plans for the future. Hamilton has lined up a series of prominent guests to bring listeners fresh industry news. With a rapidly-growing subscription base and sphere of influence, the “On The Mark” podcast will soon rank amongst the most impactful and recognizable podcasts available on Spotify, Apple, Itunes, iHeart Radio, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, Facebook, Instagram and more!

    This podcast airs a new episode every two weeks. To contact Jeff Hamilton about appearing on the podcast, please email him at [email protected]

    "On The Mark" Podcast by Sightmark with Host Jeff Hamilton

    The Firearm Blog has its very own podcast as well and we’re currently working on getting some of the most interesting people we can find on the podcast. Every week at 6AM Pacific time the podcast goes live. We’ve had guests ranging from our very own James Reeves – executive producer of TFBTV, John Canipe from Magpul Industries, Mike Pappas of Dead Air Silencers, and Mikey Hartman of CAA. Check out our podcast and subscribe if you’re looking for gun-related listening content.

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