Accessories Roll Out for the New Taurus GX4

    Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight for Taurus GX4 (Viridian)

    Last week Taurus rolled out their new GX4 sub-compact 9mm pistol so of course, some new accessories have been announced including new laser modules from Viridian and holsters from Galco and DeSantis. Check out TFB’s review of the Taurus GX4 here and Hop took a look at it over on TFBtv, check out his video here.

    Taurus Pistols @ TFB:

    Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight for Taurus GX4 (Viridian)

    Viridian Announces Laser Sights for Taurus GX4

    Viridian Weapon Technologies is proud to announce new green and red E-Series™ laser sights for the new Taurus GX4™. Taurus’s new micro 9mm is purpose-built for every day carry, and the new E-Series lasers add to the GX4’s utilitarian design by cutting down time-to-target.

    “Viridian has had a long relationship with Taurus, and we’re thrilled to add these new E-Series lasers to our line-up,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “The E-Series lasers, both red and green, are ideal for those who carry every day. The new GX4 is a solid concealed carry option and provides substantial capacity. With the added aiming assistance of the E-Series laser, the package becomes even more effective. Taurus understands self-defense, and Viridian’s E-Series lasers help take that personal protection to the next level.”

    Viridian is one of the world’s largest independent providers of weapon-mounted technology. The company specializes in gun-specific lasers that add versatility. The E-Series green and red laser sights for the Taurus GX4 are the newest additions to Viridian’s line of dedicated Taurus lasers. The red E-Series laser excels in low-light scenarios. The green E-Series laser can be seen at up-to 100 yards in daylight and at over two miles in darkness.

    E-Series laser sights mount to the trigger guard. The ambidextrous on/off button of the laser sight is positioned directly where the trigger finger falls during the draw. The lasers come with a 5-minute auto shut off to preserve battery life.

    Find more information here:

    DeSantis Gunhide Holsters for Taurus GX4

    For nearly five decades, DeSantis has been developing, designing, and manufacturing the very best gun holsters that money can buy. We pride ourselves on using the best American-Premium hides and the toughest synthetics available for our holsters and accessories.

    DeSantis have announced that their #N87 The Pro Stealth, #M24 Tuck-This® II, #N38 The Nemesis, and #M44 Super Fly holsters all fit the new GX4.

    Galco Holster Fits for Taurus GX4 Pistol

    Taurus just introduced the new GX4 9mm pistol – and Galco is ready with a wide selection of holsters!

    Belt holsters including the popular premium-steerhide Combat Master™, Concealable™, FLETCH™, Hornet™ and Stinger™, as well as popular hybrid designs like the Quick Slide™ and TacSlide™.

    IWB designs like the cant-adjustable Scout™ 3.0, the very comfortable QuickTuk Cloud™ and new KingTuk Cloud™, as well as traditional favorites like the Royal Guard™ 2.0 and Summer Comfort™.

    Galco’s highly affordable Carry Lite line, represented with the Stow-N-Go™ and Tuck-N-Go™ 2.0 IWBs.

    The versatile Wraith™ 2.0, which is readily convertible from paddle to belt slot attachment.

    The highly versatile and comfortable UnderWraps™ 2.0 belly band.

    Galco also offers women’s holster handbags, day planners and ammo carriers for the new GX4!

    With holsters in every price range and multiple carry methods, Galco can help outfit owners of the Taurus GX4 with the highest-quality American-made holsters and accessories.

    Visit today and see the complete line!

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