POTD: The Evolution of Finnish Snipers

    Ever since photography was invented in the early 1800s, it has been a medium of almost limitless possibilities. Today most people have at least a smartphone to capture what’s going on around them, and the professionals use even more advanced cameras and optics. At TFB we’ve been running our Photo Of The Day for years and today we take a look at the evolution of the Finnish snipers, dating from 1939 to 2020.

    Sako celebrates their 100 years anniversary in 2021.

    Fun facts: Sako company name was originally abbreviation. If original words would be translated to English and then shortened same way, company name would be CFML: Civil guard`s Firearm and Machine shop Ltd.
    As bonus, “Tikka” translates literally to “woodpecker” – but was shortened from name “Tikkakoski”. Tikkakoski is district of larger city in southern Finland, location of production plant. Name means literally “Woodpecker rapids” – as there is lake and river with rapids. Tikka was founded in 1927, merged to Sako in 1983. (From Finnaccuracy)

    Below you can see the Sako TRG-42. I think they use Zeiss 3-12×56 Diavari riflescopes.

    Here we have the 7.62 Tkiv 85.

    The photos are from Sako and the Finnish Defence Forces.

    Check out also the “Sako TRG 22 “Finland 100” Limited Edition Sniper Rifle” and “Simo Häyhä – “White Death” Sniper Painted on a Truck” articles. There are more modern pictures here: Finnish White Death – 2018 Edition.

    Which is your favourite Finnish sniper rifle?