POTD: Steyr Scout & Steiner Military under the Brush

    POTD: Steyr Scout & Steiner Military under the Brush

    Do you want inspiration for your next build? In our Photo Of The Day, you’ll find a really good looking camouflage pattern. The rifle is a Steyr Scout with a suppressor made by Stalon. In the mount made by MDT, there is a Steiner Military 4-16×50 scope. To Cerakote the optics you go to 75C degrees only, and only if the customer approves it and takes all risks.

    I came really close to buying a Steyr Scout some years ago, and I like the look of this project. Note the built-in bipod (the black “wing” on the side).
    The Cerakote colors are FDE, Patriot Brown and Magpul ODG, applied by Stjernelund Custom Rifles.

    The Steiner Military 4-16×50.

    I think the ammunition storage is made by Cole-Tac Europe.

    All pictures provided by SCR.

    Check the Steiner Optics Germany factory visit and watch these optics being made.

    What do you think about the pattern and the project?