RED HOT! Three Thermal Optics from Burris

    Burris Optics has released three new thermal optics: the Thermal Handheld (BTH), Clip-On (BTC) and Scope (BTS).  Some of the features include Hot Track, Multiple Reticles, Multiple Color Palates, Video Recording and Wifi-to-Mobile. Listing all the technical data for all the versions is difficult in an article like this, but you can find clickable direct links in the text below where all the details should be available for your convenience. Basically, there are 35mm and 50mm objective versions of each model.

    The new Burris Thermal Riflescope has an MSRP between $3,838 – $4,478. The top version has a sensor with 400×300 pixels and 17μm at 50Hz.

    Thermal Handheld has the ability to hot track targets over 750 yards away and has an MSRP of $2,462-$3,454.

    I assume the thermal riflescope or the new Burris Clip-on are going to be the most popular among TFB’s readers. The MSRP for the Clip-on is $4,862 – $5,502, and it comes in similar thermal performance as the other models. This device attaches your existing riflescope with an adapter, you can see an example of how it works here.

    Burris Thermal Clip-On

    Here’s what Burris Optics have to say:

    Take night hunting to a new level with three game-changing new thermal optics from Burris.

    The Thermal Handheld will hot track targets out past 750 yards in the dead of night and features real time WIFI-to-mobile connectivity that allows a mobile device to simultaneously view, control, and record from the handheld using the Burris Thermal App. Add in 5 color palettes, stadiametric ranging, hot track, brightness and contrast controls, picture-in-picture, and an incredibly smooth 4X zoom feature and you have one of the most useful and full featured scanning and tracking tools on the market at any price!
    The Thermal Clip-On can be used either as a handheld thermal for scanning, finding targets, and blood tracking AND to convert your traditional rifle scope to a thermal scope in seconds using a quick disconnect adaptor. With 1, 2, and 4x digital zoom, 4 color palettes, picture-in-picture, stadiametric ranging, hot tracking, and brightness and contract controls, the Clip-On can be customized to your exact hunting needs. The included cable even allows you to connect to an external battery so you don’t have to stop for a low battery when the action is hot.
    The feature rich, 4x Thermal Scope offers unmatched performance and value as a dedicated night hunting optic with your choice of 10 reticles and 7 color palettes to fine tune your night hunting experience. With options for stadiametric ranging, picture-in-picture, hot tracking, and brightness and contrast controls you won’t find a more feature rich thermal scope on the market at this price.
    Each thermal optic style comes in two sizes (35mm objective and 50mm objective) for choices in field of view and zoom range.
    Level up with thermal optics from Burris – Find What Matters!

    Connectivity to your mobile device.

    What do you think of the new Burris Optics thermals?
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