Wilson Combat Expanding by 16,000 Square Feet Citing Surge in Demand

    wilson combat

    Wilson Combat – based out of Berryville, Arkansas – has officially broke ground on expanding their facility an additional 16,000 square feet citing a surge in demand for their products. This will create a 20% increase in their workforce once the expansion is complete and operational. Right now, Wilson Combat employs 200 people so this means they will be looking to hire an additional 40 employees. Tentatively, the expansion is set to be complete in January.

    The expansion will include more warehouse space, a larger parking lot, and an 8th building to their already bustling complex. Wilson Combat’s burgeoning facility will grow to 93,200 square feet once everything is said and done. A lot of this growth can be attributed to a favorable firearm market with people buying arms at unprecedented rates, but also because of Wilson Combat’s own creativity in offering new, custom firearms and gunsmithing.

    • 2016 – Customized Versions of Beretta’s popular M92
    • 2017 – Custom Work and Part Upgrades for Glock firearms
    • 2020 – Upgrades to 2 of SIG Sauer’s Most Popular Pistols

    While Wilson Combat is experiencing bumper sales this year which contributed to their growth and the need for an expansion, they are not the only ones feeling a rise in sales. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has reported that firearm retailers have completed 35.75 Million background checks for firearms in 2020 which is 26% higher than 2019 which was also a record year at the time. FBI NICS Background Checks are not a definitive marker for firearm sales, but they give a strong pulse as to how the industry is trending, and as whole, it is going up fast.

    We cover Wilson Combat a lot here at TFB because they authentically produce great products. Whether they are within everyone’s price-point might be another discussion, but they do manufacture quality firearms and accessories. Who in the reading audience owns some Wilson Combat products? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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