New Wilson Combat Multi-Caliber Polymer AR-15 Magazine

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    Among a variety of new parts, accessories and gear recently released by Wilson Combat, there is a new 30-round polymer AR-15 magazine. I assume these magazines are the result of collaboration of Wilson Combat and IMI Defense because they are marked with the Wilson Combat logo but they look pretty much identical to IMI Defense G2 mags.

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    The new Wilson Combat magazine is multi-caliber – it’s designed to reliably function with .223 Remington (5.56x45mm NATO), .300 Blackout, and .300 HAM’R cartridges alike. Although .300 Blackout fits standard AR-15 magazines, there may be reliability issues depending on the projectile shape and cartridge overall length. You can load .300 HAM’R rounds in a standard AR-15 magazine too, but not to full capacity due to the shape of this cartridge interfering with the front ribs of 5.56 AR mags. Optimized magazines like this have an internal geometry tailored to work flawlessly with these 30 caliber cartridges.

    Now, let me also remind you that you should be cautious when using the same magazines for your .223/5.56 and .300 Blackout rifles to minimize the risk of accidentally inserting a magazine loaded with .300 Blackout ammo into a .223/5.56 gun. As you know, with certain bullet shapes, the .300 Blackout cartridge can fit the .223/5.56 chamber artificially headspacing on the projectile and causing a catastrophic failure when the gun is fired. Marking the magazines, using different color mags or using different brands of magazines for the two cartridges are good ways of decreasing the chances of such accidents. That said, this Wilson Combat mag can be a great candidate for a dedicated .300 Blackout magazine. It’s worth mentioning that the .300 HAM’R cartridge does not have such a safety issue – the case of this cartridge itself won’t fit in a .223/5.56 chamber regardless of the bullet shape.

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    The new Wilson Combat magazines are advertised to reliably work in harshest field conditions thanks to the durable fiber-reinforced polymer material, anti-tilt follower, non-slip body and powerful spring. The removable floorplate has openings for dirt, water, and debris removal. The overall weight of this magazine is 5.5 ounces. As in the case of many other AR-15 magazines, this one is also recommended to be loaded with 28 rounds (despite the 30-round capacity) to ensure reliable seating under a closed bolt.

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    Wilson Combat multi-caliber AR-15 magazines are listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $17.95. The magazine is currently available only in a black color option with an OD green follower.

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