Primary Arms SLx 1×20 Prism Scope with Green Illuminated Reticle

    If you’re looking for a Red Dot you might exit the shop with a Green Dot in your bag. Primary Arms Optics has just added the option for a green reticle if that is – or becomes – your preference. The price for the green-illuminated ACSS Cyclops reticle in the SLx 1×20 prism optic is $239.99, and I’m not surprised that the model is their best selling optic.

    Below you can see the SLx 1×20 Prism in what I think is its most common habitat, mounted on an AR15.

    Here’s the Product Announcement:

    HOUSTON, TEXAS – Primary Arms Optics has just released the latest iteration of its popular SLx 1x Prism, now featuring a green-illuminated reticle. This scope is part of Primary Arms’ SLx product line. SLx optics built Primary Arms’ reputation for innovation, reliability and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment. The SLx 1×20 Prism Scope with ACSS Cyclops reticle is one of the most popular low-magnification prism scopes on the market, mirroring the performance of a red dot or reflex sight with an etched reticle that eliminates astigmatic distortion.

    The SLx 1×20 Prism Scope with ACSS Cyclops reticle is currently one of Primary Arms’ best-selling optics. With a massive eyebox, compact body, and 9.7oz weight, this prism optic is able to recreate the speed and agility of red dot and holographic optics with an etched ACSS reticle. The benefit of the etched reticle is two-fold, as it usable without batteries and does not blur with an astigmatism.

    With the all-new green illumination option, customers can now choose between either a red or green reticle depending on their preferences. Many professional users and hobbyists favor green reticles due to their speed of acquisition. The green illumination stands out against warm-colored environments, for example, a desert. Red reticles remain a prominent choice in heavily-vegetated areas where red offers greater contrast. Both color options come with 11 brightness settings and up to 3,000 hours of battery life on medium settings with a standard CR2032 battery.

    “We’re happy to bring a green-illuminated ACSS Cyclops reticle for fans of our SLx 1x prism,” says Terry Mears, Primary Arms’ Director of Product Marketing. “Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for optics with green illumination, and our SLx 1x Prism was the perfect platform for the technology.”

    This new optic is now available for $239.99 from Primary Arms’ retail site and other authorized Primary Arms Optics dealers.

    About Primary Arms Optics
    Started in 2007, Primary Arms Optics seek to provide the best optics you can get for any budget. Utilizing the highly regarded, repeatedly-proven ACSS® reticle, Primary Arms optics boast unparalleled precision and adaptability for superior performance across ranges. With four product tiers available (Classic, SLx, GLx, PLx), anyone can afford to equip themselves with the latest in optics technology. In addition, every product is backed with Primary Arms’ total commitment to customer satisfaction.

    To learn more about Primary Arms and their new optic check out

    Do you prefer just a dot or an illuminated reticle? Do you prefer green or red? Don’t be shy, let your colorful opinions out in the comments section below.

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