New Hornady Bore Driver FTX Muzzleloading Bullets

    Hornady Bore Driver FTX (1)

    Hornady has introduced a new muzzleloading bullet product line called Bore Driver FTX. These muzzleloader projectiles consist of a polymer base and an FTX bullet both designed from the ground up. Let’s take a closer look at the design of these new Hornady muzzleloading bullets.

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    Hornady Bore Driver FTX bullet.

    The company notes that the polymer part of this projectile is not a sabot (as it is not extending to the sides of the bullet) but a base designed to seal the bore to deliver maximum energy transfer and accuracy. Another advertised advantage of the polymer base is that it allows to easier and faster load the bullet down the bore compared to saboted bullets. Here is how Hornady describes the way this polymer base works:

    The polymer base features a post that fits into the bottom of the bullet. This post swells in diameter at ignition for better torque engagement from inside the bullet and the centering petals grip the bullet’s boattail while the skirt engages the rifling to maximize energy transmission.

    Hornady Bore Driver FTX (1)

    Cutaway of Hornady Bore Driver FTX bullet.

    The FTX bullet features a copper alloy jacket, FlexTip polymer tip that makes the bullet aerodynamically more efficient and initiates the expansion, and InterLock internal jacket ring that mechanically locks the jacket and lead core together to prevent jacket separation and ensure maximum weight retention of the expanded bullet. Currently, there is only one product in the new Bore Driver FTX line – a .50 caliber 290-grain bullet. The ballistic performance data of this bullet is shown below.

    Hornady Bore Driver FTX (8)

    Hornady Bore Driver FTX (3)

    A recovered expanded Hornady Bore Driver FTX bullet.

    There is no MSRP specified on Hornady’s website. At the time of writing this article, a box of 20 Bore Driver FTX muzzleloader bullets could be found from $24 to $29.99 depending on the retailer. The bullets are packed in four five-round speedloader tubes.

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    To learn more about Hornady Bore Driver FTX bullets, watch the below-embedded video where Hornady ballisticians discuss the design and features of this new muzzleloader projectile.

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