POTD: Swedish Paratroopers in Mud Bath

    In 1952 the Swedish Parachute Ranger School was created. Today they host the Parachute Rangers and the Special Operations Group. As you can imagine the focus is to use small and specialized Ranger units which are capable of operating deep behind enemy lines and inside the enemy-controlled territory. Their motto is “Will, Courage and Perseverance”.

    Above you can see some paratroopers with the PSG 90B (AI AW by Accuracy International) Sniper Rifle and the Ak5 (FN FNC) standard issue rifle. The Swedish Army is actually just now in the evaluation of a new Multi-Caliber Sniper Weapon System.

    I like these pictures as they show how miserable daily life can be in the military, but you still enjoy it and keep going and finish the mission. You build a great team and get things done!

    Below you see the Ksp 58 (Kulspruta 58) which is a Swedish variant of the FN MAG machine gun. It was adopted by the Swedish Armed Forces in 1958. The uniform is called M90 (Model 90). There is also a Ksp 90 (FN Minimi) in service.

    All pictures from Fallskärmsjägarna (FJS) on Facebook.

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