PepperBall Introduces The LifeLite Mobile Launcher For Non-Lethal Self Defense

    PepperBall LifeLite Mobile

    PepperBall has just introduced their new LifeLite Mobile Launcher, which can light up potential threats, and propel non-lethal PepperBalls around 250 feet per second.  The PepperBall projectiles are similar to paintballs that break upon hitting a target, but rather than paint, PepperBalls expel an irritant designed to temporarily incapacitate an assailant. The new LifeLite Mobile is the second generation of handheld, non-lethal protection that was designed with a slightly smaller profile and neutral appearance when carried openly. The full press release can be found below:

    PepperBall® Releases the Mobile Launcher, Broadening its Line of Personal Defense Products
    Lake Forest, Ill. (November 24, 2020) — PepperBall®, the world leader in non-lethal defense and trusted supplier to the US Army, over 5,000 law enforcement agencies, and consumers nationwide, has built on the success of its flagship LifeLite to bring consumers the PepperBall Mobile.

    Using the same technology as its other launchers, the PepperBall Mobile combines an LED flashlight and aiming laser with a powerful PepperBall launcher, designed to provide peace of mind and safety to consumers across the globe. The PepperBall Mobile is smaller and sleeker than the Company’s flagship PepperBall LifeLite product, making it perfect for home, auto, and RV defense, and also for walking at night, camping, or traveling.

    ● Loaded weight: 1.4 lbs.
    ● Capacity: 3 rounds
    ● Size: 9″ L x 2-5/16″ W x 2-9/16″ H
    ● Lumens: 350
    ● Air source: 8g CO2 cartridge (3 cartridges included)
    ● Launch velocity: 250 feet per second / 170 miles per hour
    ● Effective range: 0-40 ft.
    ● 12 ft. debilitating irritant cloud
    ● Easy to Use Trigger Button
    ● Recommended Operation Temperature: 20℉ to 110℉

    “The LifeLite has been a huge success for us.” said CEO Andrew Brennan. “We took that success and, with the Mobile, have designed a smaller but still robust product that retains the combined flashlight, aiming laser, and launcher features, which have been so popular in our LifeLite. We made the Mobile smaller and easier to hold, and also available at a lower price point. We feel that customers will love the new Mobile and early feedback has been very strong. We invite all consumers to check out the Mobile and the rest of our offerings at We have a very strong lineup of products to provide personal defense and peace of mind at home and on the go, and we will continue to innovate to provide the finest personal defense products on the market.”

    Included in Package:
    ● 1 LifeLite® Mobile Launcher
    ● 6 Live SD™ PepperBall® Projectiles
    ● 12 Inert Practice Projectiles
    ● 3 8g CO2 Cartridges

    PepperBall projectiles are made in the USA and trusted by the US Army, Marines, Border Protection, the Marshall’s service, and more than 5,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

    For more information about PepperBall and its products, please visit

    PepperBall LifeLite Mobile Launchers

    The LifeLite Mobile is listed at $199.99 on PepperBall’s website.  You can view the Mobile’s product page HERE.  They also have a new Compact Launcher as well listed for $24.99 that you can check out HERE.  You can view PepperBall products on their YouTube channel, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

    What do you think about the new LifeLite Mobile launcher?  Do you, or someone you know have one of PepperBall’s other products?

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