Concealed Carry Corner: 5 Great Gifts for A Concealed Carrier

    Christmas time is right around the corner and there’s still enough time to order gifts for that special someone in your life who carries a firearm daily. With ammo being in short supply this year, it may seem like a challenge to find that perfect gift for your friend or spouse. Whether it’s something for training at home or gifts to make it easier to carry gear daily, there are plenty of options out in the market to surprise someone with. Let’s jump into 5 great gifts for a concealed carrier for Christmas.

    Training Gift Certificates

    With certain things like ammo and some model of firearms being tough to get right now, picking up a gift certificate for a training course is a great option. Someone can plan a trip for training over a period of time giving them a chance to find or set aside enough ammo for the class as well as plan lodging. Companies like FieldCraft Survival and Centrifuge Training offer gift cards where you can determine the amount put on the gift card or can pick from various amounts on their website.

    It may not be a very personalized option to give but it gives the opportunity to really take beneficial classes to make you a better shooter. This can apply to medical, vehicle, or low light courses offering a variety of skills to someone. Trust me, if someone gave me a gift certificate for a training course I would be ecstatic so it’s a great option for someone wanting to better their skills and become more well-rounded.

    Dry Firing Tools

    A great option that can be relatively inexpensive is buying dry firing tools to let your special someone train at home instead of at the range. This can be as simple as getting snap caps for reload and malfunction training. Typically, snap caps don’t cost more than $20 and can offer a lot of great opportunities to practice malfunction clearing and reloads. There is also a number of great laser tools to help you work on everything from accuracy to trigger pull. It can show you the shots you made on a target and how to make yourself a better shooter.

    LaserLyte and Mantis make some great options for working on fundamentals while not spending a fortune on ammo costs. The Mantis system is great for showing your accuracy and gives you information that helps you become a better shooter over time. LaserLyte makes some cool laser pistols that can imitate a handgun’s trigger pull. The LaserLyte systems will show when you hit a specific target and can help develop trigger control and sight picture.

    Photo courtesy of Mantis

    NeoMag Mag Carrier

    One tool that makes a huge difference in daily life is the NeoMag mag carrier. The NeoMag starts out at $39.99 so it’s relatively affordable compared to other options on the market. I have personally used the NeoMag for roughly three years now and have a few different versions. Throughout my time with these mag carriers, I haven’t had any malfunctions or issues carrying with the NeoMag.

    This mag carrier is more comfortable for me than standard magazine carriers that are belt mounted and it’s a low profile alternative that doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable. They now offer single or double magnet options to carry your spare magazine securely. This is a great gift idea to just improve overall quality of life for individuals who carry a concealed firearm.

    Concealed Driven Bags

    Having a bag that gives you the option to carry a concealed handgun in it is a great option for people. I prefer to carry on my body personally but it’s sometimes nice to have a bag where you can insert magazine holders and a medical kit for emergencies. Most of the bags on the market for concealing a handgun are well built and last an extremely long time if taken care of properly. Vertx is a great option for discreet carry bags that don’t stand out and scream the tactical look. I have had good luck with their bags in the past.

    Another great option is the Crye Precision bag with customizable inserts. I don’t have long-term experience with those bags but I have carried them over a weekend in the past, and they were very impressive. Out of all the bags I’ve used my favorite is still the First Spear Comms Pack I picked up last year and it’s been a great bag for my daily needs. There are a number of great bags on the market but it’s important to check out reviews and see what works best for the person carrying a concealed firearm. A good gun backpack can definitely help in certain situations.

    Firearm Storage

    Firearm storage is another incredibly important topic that might not always get talked about as much as it should. There are several great companies that offer high-quality products at a variety of prices. Whether it’s a small fingerprint safe or a huge 50 gun safe, there’s a product for every budget. Smaller combination lock safes can be found for as little as $20 on some sites. One of my favorite safes on the market today is the VaultTek Lifepod cases. They have come out with some impressive products over the years and continue to offer various products that are priced to be affordable.

    Photo Courtesy of VaultTek

    Other companies like Liberty make great examples of fingerprint reading safes for a nightstand type firearm. There are some great options out there that offer either a single or double shelf to keep multiple firearms in for easy storage. If you carry on a daily basis or have a number of firearms, it’s never a bad idea to have some sort of firearm storage system to keep your firearms safe when you’re not using them.

    Overall Thoughts

    It can be tough finding the right gift for the gun person in your life. With ammo being tough to pick up right now, the easy gift for a shooter is now out of the question but don’t worry, there are plenty of other options. Whether you’re looking to spend just a little on them or looking to pick up something like a nice gun vault, there are plenty of alternatives on the market to choose from. Let me know what your favorite gun related gifts have been in the past in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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