Swiss Precision meets American Freedom: Collaboration of B&T and Microtech Knives

    Some consider the B&T APC9 to be the “Swiss watch” of pistol caliber carbines. As you may remember, the U.S. Army selected the B&T APC9 K as their New Sub Compact Weapon last year, with an initial order of 350 firearms. B&T USA have now made a limited run to commemorate the contract, which includes complete serialized cases. 333 of these are available exclusively to US-based collectors.

    Below: The package also includes an Aimpoint Nano Optic mounted on a B&T Low Profile Riser. The brace is a Gearhead Works Tailhook Mod 1.

    B&T also added some American Freedom to the package, with a B&T branded Microtech Dirac Automatic Knife with a matching serial number. The first APC9K SCW Cases have already shipped to dealers.
    Here is B&T USA’s description in full:

    The Advanced Police Carbine (APC) series was developed to meet and exceed the demands of modern police, special forces, and military units around the world and represents the ultimate in performance, reliability and accuracy. For these reasons, the United States Army selected the APC9K as its Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) to support global personal protective missions.

    In recognition of the initial delivery of 333 SCW’s, B&T commissioned 350 SCW-serialized APC9K PRO models, 333 of which will be made available exclusively to US-based collectors.

    Commemorative Case Includes:

    • APC9K “Sub Compact Weapon” PRO Pistol
    • Telescoping Brace & Stock Adapter
    • Gearhead Works Tailhook Mod 1 Brace
    • Aimpoint Nano Optic on a B&T Low Profile Riser
    • Serialized Letter of Authenticity
    • Custom Pelican 1600 Series Protector Case with Fitted Foam
    • Two 30-rd & one 20-rd B&T Magazines with Bumpers
    • B&T Co-Branded Microtech Dirac Automatic Knife with Matching Serial Number
    • Commemorative Co-Serialized Challenge Coin – 1 Troy Oz .999% Pure Silver
    • Vertx Dead Letter Sling Bag


    The APC9K is expected to be issued to, and employed by, Personal Security Details (PSD) personnel tasked with protecting senior United States Army leaders, and other principles traveling to less secure areas. An operational need was identified for a highly concealable sub compact weapon system capable of engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal and accurate fire at close ranges, with minimal collateral damage — a compact submachine gun fills this niche. The APC9K was procured to fill this capability gap in lethality and concealability; essentially bridging the gap between pistol and rifle.

    The APC9K accomplishes this, in spades. At less than 15-inches in length, the AP9K is an incredibly concealable platform optimized for low visibility carriage and discreet deployment; use in and around vehicles, and within confined spaces — all while delivering unsurpassed accuracy, controllability and ergonomics.

    You are probably aware of the saying “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it“, which may very well be true in this case. The MSRP is $6,999.00. After-all, Swiss Quality and American Freedom rarely come cheap. The only thing that is missing is a suppressor.

    You can find B&T USA here:


    Eric B

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