TFB Review: Grayguns ELS Trigger System For SIG P-Series

    In the world of SIG pistol upgrades, there are a few different companies that make aftermarket upgrades for the SIG P-Series. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed the factory upgraded models like the Elite and Legion series handguns for their functional upgrades. Grayguns has done most of the initial work on the Legion handguns with their P-Series triggers. They have recently released the ELS Trigger System for the P-Series of handguns. This trigger looks similar to the SAO Legion triggers that come standard in various SIG models. Let’s dive into the Grayguns ELS Trigger System for the SIG P-Series handguns.


    The ELS Trigger System from Grayguns is an Enhanced Leverage System for DA/SA and DAO models of SIG P-Series pistols. This system will not currently work for DAK SIG handguns so I apologize for the people out there who want to get rid of the worst trigger system ever offered in a SIG handgun. The ELS system comes in two variations with either a flat-faced trigger or a hybrid trigger. It really boils down to what you want, but the hybrid trigger is slightly curved where the flat trigger is totally straight all the way through.

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of flat triggers so I decided to go with the flat face look. Part of the magic with the ELS system is it changes the overall geometry inside the gun to reduce trigger pull weight. Grayguns says the ELS system can reduce trigger pull weight by 20-25% without changing springs. One benefit of the ELS system is the adjustment screws to fine-tune your pretravel as well as overtravel. Having the ability to adjust both pretravel and overtravel really can make the trigger exactly how you prefer it as a shooter. The ELS system can be installed in most P226, P228, and P229 handguns. MSRP for the Grayguns ELS Trigger System is $159.99 and available at the SIG store and Grayguns website.

    Range Time

    In May of last year, I wrote up an article on my P226 after 10,000 rounds. In that article, I talked about upgrading the gun with a Grayguns Adjustable Flat Trigger using the SRT trigger bar. I really loved the combination of a well used SRT Trigger and Adjustable flat trigger, but not all people have an SRT kit for the P226. Something like the ELS system is great for people who want to upgrade their guns from the standard stock trigger. During my range sessions over the last 10 months, I’ve really come to value and appreciate the ELS system compared to a standard P226 trigger. Back in February, I installed the Grayguns ELS Trigger System into a SIG Sauer P226 Extreme and started shooting it. I did end up replacing the SRT trigger bar that was in the gun originally, and the difference was immediately felt.

    Trigger Weight

    Before installing the ELS system, my trigger pull was an average of 6.8 lbs in double action and 5.5 lbs in single action. Once the ELS system was installed, the pull weight became 5.6 lbs in double action with a single action of 4.1 lbs. I was rather impressed with the reduction and how crisp the trigger was. The fine adjustments of the pretravel and overtravel really help create a trigger that is truly yours. I kept all stock springs in my gun for a duty grade trigger but there are aftermarket springs available to create a competition grade break that will be even lighter than my trigger.

    Range Impressions

    Over the past 10 months, I have put roughly 2,800 rounds through it and if anything it has become even smoother to shoot with time. I love the lighter trigger pull coupled with the flat faced trigger shoe just because it feels considerably lighter than the standard trigger. Sometimes when you install an aftermarket trigger, the trigger can be so light in single action that it can be frightening when you run drills. Luckily, the Grayguns ELS Trigger System is still predictable and feels safe despite being lighter than the factory pull. The beauty of this system is the fact it still uses all the safety features and spring weights from the factory so you don’t need to worry about the single action being scary light.

    Throughout my range time with the Grayguns ELS Trigger System, it’s been a definite alternative to the SRT trigger from SIG. I think this is a great aftermarket option for people who have stock P226s or something like the MK25 that has upgraded parts but a stock trigger. Once the trigger is fine tuned properly and set up the way you want it, the gun is very enjoyable to shoot in either double or single action. The trigger reset is nearly immediate and my example feels like it has a shorter reset than the SRT alternative. Compared to the standard P226 trigger, the ELS Trigger System is night and day better in my opinion.

    Overall Thoughts

    When I initially started using the Grayguns ELS Trigger System, I wasn’t sure how much of an improvement it could be over their adjustable flat trigger shoe. Before trying out this system, I was a die-hard fan of the SRT trigger job from SIG. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a phenomenal trigger but the ELS feels a bit smoother and responsive to me than the SRT. ┬áSome may say it’s a little pricy for them, but it is a great addition if you have a standard P226. If the price is a variable though, the standard adjustable flat faced trigger shoe is less expensive and improves the trigger slightly even if you have the standard trigger installed.

    Out of the few aftermarket triggers that I have bought for my 226s, I think the Grayguns line of aftermarket triggers are the sharpest and most responsive ones. Let me know what you think about putting aftermarket triggers in your favorite guns in the comments below. I’d love to hear what your favorite brands are and what you guys like. If you have questions, feel free to shoot me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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