Textron Systems’ NGSW Prototypes Seen During Maryland Governor’s Visit to Textron Facility

    Governor Larry Hogan examines Textron's NGSWs program prototype (Maryland Governor's Office)

    A visit by Maryland’s governor, Larry Hogan, to Textron Systems’ Hunt Valley facility near Baltimore, MD gave us some fresh photographs of Textron’s new Next Generation Squad Weapon program prototypes. We have two photos, one of a Textron employee discussing the program while holding Textron’s NGSW-Rifle prototype and another showing both the NGSW-R and NGSW-Automatic Rifle prototypes.

    We’ve examined the Textron weapons in more detail here, earlier this month we got some new footage of the weapons in action and some insight on Textron’s efforts from Wayne Prender, Textron’s Senior Vice President, Applied Technologies and Advanced Programs.

    A photo from Textron’s presentation on the new NGSW rifle prototype (Maryland Governor’s Office)

    The governor’s Facebook post described the visit:

    Another critical partner in Maryland’s apprenticeship program is Textron in Hunt Valley. This cutting-edge company is a leader in the manufacturing of unmanned aircraft systems and other tools that support global military operations for countless U.S. troops and our allies.

    The governor’s website also described the visit:

    The governor also stopped in Hunt Valley to tour Textron Systems, a global manufacturing company that specializes in unmanned air, surface, and land products, as well as services and support for aerospace and defense customers. During the visit, Governor Hogan recognized Charles Bell, Sr., for his work developing a new apprenticeship program for Textron Systems that just enrolled its first two apprentices.

    ‘Warrior Corner’ update on the work of the Soldier Lethality Cross Functional Team (US Army)

    In other news, the official Fort Benning YouTube channel shared a ‘Warrior Corner’ update on the work of the Soldier Lethality Cross Functional Team which included a segment on the NGSW program. Major Wyatt Ottmar, the project officer for the Soldier Lethality CFT’s NGSW program gave an update on the program’s progress which included some firing footage of both General Dynamics’ bullpup entry and Textron’s NGSW-AR prototype. Check out the full video below:

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