NEW: Textron Promo Video Shows Off Next Generation Squad Weapons

    Textron NGSW-R (Textron)

    Its been a little while since we last saw Textron’s Next Generation Squad Weapon prototypes but with the 2020 Annual Meeting and Exposition coming up Textron have released a new promo video.

    Check out the video below:

    Earlier this year at SHOT Show 2020 we caught up with Textron at the Heckler & Koch booth where the two companies has their Next Generation Squad Weapon-Rifle prototype on display. Heckler & Koch is partnered with Textron for their NGSW bid to assist in design ergonomic and production refinements. Below we can see the Textron rifle as it appeared at SHOT Show back in January.

    The Textron NGSW-R at SHOT 2020 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Here’s the rifle as seen in the latest promo video from Textron:

    Textron’s new NGSW-R (Textron)

    This iteration is likely to be the version which is now undergoing testing with the US Army. We can see that the rifle has slimmed down with a new MLOK forend and a slimmer contoured receiver. The leading edge running up to the magazine housing, which encompassed the ejection port, is now gone and the rifle has a more AR-style appearance. The rifle retains a full length top rail and is seen in the footage running a red dot and magnifier with 45-degree off-set back up iron sights. It appears that the submitted suppressor design has changed, or has a new sleeve, at least compared to the one displayed with the rifle at SHOT Show.

    Close up shot of the Textron NGSW-R (Textron)

    We also get a look at the recoil of both the rifle and the automatic rifle with both appearing reasonable controllable – although we only see the rifle fire in semi-auto and the footage appears slowed.

    The Textron NGSW-Automatic Rifle prototype is also seen in action. We got a look at the final submitted prototype when the US Army NGSW program shared some exclusive range photos with us back in July. Below is the Textron NGSW-AR as submitted to the US Army for testing.

    The Textron NGSW-AR a the range – Soldiers from 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry Regiment (Chosin), 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, participate in the testing of Next Generation Weapon Systems aiming to replace the M4 and the M249 at Fort Drum, New York. (photos by Sgt. Cody W. Ewing)

    Below we see the Textron AR in action in the promo video, it appears to be in the same configuration as in the US Army’s photos, with a red dot and magnifier. We don’t get a close look at the suppressors the guns are running but Textron partnered with LMT for the suppressor.

    Textron NGSW-AR with a 70 round belt bag (Textron)

    It appears that Tactical Rifleman worked with Textron on their promo video as they have also released a video overview of the rifle and automatic rifle looking at its characteristics. In that video was can see footage of the rifle firing full auto and it does appear to be controllable considering the high muzzle velocity performance the US Army required from the 6.8 rounds developed by the manufacturers.

    Textron NGSW-R (Tactical Rifleman/Textron)

    Operating from a vehicle with the Textron NGSW-R and AR (Tactical Rifleman/Textron)

    Check out our earlier look at the Textron NGSW offering here. You can read out exclusive interview with the US Army’s NGSW program leadership here.

    For our overview of the General Dynamics NGSW submission check out this article and for our exclusive interview with SIG Sauer’s Ron Cohen about the NGSW head here.

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