TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – The Savage Vendetta

    Vendetta Precision is a small company out of Wisconsin. They sent me their Vendetta Precision Contoured Bed Rifle Chassis (VP-CBRC), an aluminum chassis for a Savage long action receiver. I am a Savage fan and use them in my builds almost exclusively. Giving me an excuse to rebuild a rifle is always welcome.

    The chassis looked pretty sexy on the Vendetta Precisions website. I gave Vendetta Precision a call to get a feel for the company, and their CEO Evan Yoakum actually answered the phone. Evan, a trained machinist, started out making muzzle brakes for locals. He made one for his Savage long action in 30-06 and a few friends saw his setup and wanted one for themselves. Now he makes them for the public and they are selling well. Vendetta Precision has expanded to where he has new machines, and employees to help keep up with their demand.

    They have a number of firearm products…..and ice fishing equipment (shat you not). Check out the VP-CBRC. Vendetta Precision is also on Facebook. Evan is making some pretty cool products. I found him to be a very down to earth guy who has a great attitude that is reflected in his products.

    The contour of the bed will give you the same receiver to stock weld as a glass bedded stock. A perfect receiver-chassis weld should produce a very accurate rifle. I had just re-barreled my Savage 7mm mag with a Criterion barrel so this chassis was the perfect fit.

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – The Savage Vendetta


    The chassis arrived complete, with good packaging. The kit contains the stock, handguard, the clamp holding the handguard in place, and all necessary bolts. The stock assembly arrives attached to the receiver. Everything appears well machined and evenly coated. Right out of the box the chassis was super comfortable and easy to hold.

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – The Savage Vendetta


    The assembly is pretty simple. Place the receiver in the chassis, slide the handguard in place then install the clamp over the handguard. The handguard has a stud that fits into a hole on the chassis. Then screw down the bolts to the receiver. All were a perfect fit. Assembly took me about 30 minutes

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – The Savage Vendetta

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – The Savage Vendetta

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – The Savage Vendetta



    Evan was surprised I was using a 7mm mag on the chassis. He had said up to now he did know of anyone using that caliber on his chassis so, I figured lets put it to the test and see what it could do. (I was not disappointed)

    The personality of the chassis can be found in the stock. The skeletonized stop allows varying grips with your off-hand. Both the shoulder pad and the cheek rest are completely adjustable. Both adjust with positive “clicks” and securely lock in place.

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – A Savage Vendetta

    The entire construction of the VP-CBRC is machined from lightweight 6061-T6. The ergonomics of the stock and grip show it was designed by a shooter for a shooter. It includes an ambidextrous thumb rest to improve your trigger pull.

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC – The Savage Vendetta


    • Weight: 4lbs 7oz.
    • Material: 6061-T6
    • Contoured receiver bed
    • 18inch M-LOK patterned handguard
    • Uses AICS pattern magazines
    • Adjustable cheek rest and butt plate
    • Accepts heavy barrels
    • Price: $569

    TFB Review: Vendetta Precision VPRC. The Savage Vendetta


    After over 150 rounds of shoulder thumping magnum joy through my build, there were no signs of wear and no problems. The thumb rest, initially a small point, won me over. With your thumb raised and pressing against the rest, you get an almost perfect comfortable trigger pull. It’s a great angle that also gives good resistance to the recoil.

    It shipped with everything necessary for easy assembly and was simple to put together. It wasn’t one of those builds where you realize half-way through that something is missing and needs to be ordered (which was refreshing). Taking my time, it was completed in 30 minutes. It is a very functional chassis, but it also looks really cool. Like it or not, cool points count. I received positive remarks from coworkers and other shooters. If you are planning a build on a Savage receiver, or want a great upgrade to your factory Savage, I think you should reach out to Vendetta Precision. You won’t be disappointed.       

    Mike R

    Mike spent his entire adult life riding an ambulance throughout the Southwest US. He found humor in long in-depth philosophical conversations with crack heads and other urban street survivalists.

    His highest point was being invited to instruct for some “special” medics in the military. He spent almost 10 years there. A 30 year gun enthusiast, he started down the path of reloading to keep up with his desperate need of more ammo. Reloading is like medicine, you never stop learning.

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