N-Vision Optics – New Nox Thermal Monocular

    Prototype of the new Nox Thermal Monocular.

    N-Vision Optics (Needham, MA) have developed a new product called the NOX Thermal Monocular

    The thermal sensor is made by BAE Systems and has specification with 12 micron 640×480, 60 Hz Core.

    You can use the devide either hand-held, on your firearm or your helmet. There will be two models available, 18 mm or 35 mm.

    The retail prices mentioned is $6195 for 18mm model and $6795 for the 35mm model.

    NOX Thermal Monocular

    NOX Thermal Monocular is the latest addition to the N-Vision Optics thermal product line. Built into a compact and rugged package, this all-in-one unit will be your new favorite thermal.

    In addition to being a handheld scanner, NOX can be used as a weapon sight with adjustable reticles and can be head/helmet mountable with user-configurable left/right eye operation. NOX features state of the art 12 micron 640 x 480 BAE thermal core with 60 Hz refresh rate, delivering the same image clarity as our HALO Thermal Scopes.

    The basic specification is as follows:

    Sensor Pixel Pitch 12 um
    Resolution 640 x 480
    Refresh Rate 60 Hz
    Lenses 18mm F1.0 and 35mm F1.1
    Focus Manual, non-rotating
    Field of View 18mm: 24.3(H) x 18.3(V); 30.4 (diagonal)
    35mm: 12.2(H) x 9.3(V); 15.1 (diagonal)
    Digital Zoom 1x/2x/4x/8x
    Display Type OLED 640×480 B&W
    Power One CR123 or one 18650
    Remote power USB 5.0V
    External connector Waterproof USB-C

    Each NOX will comes with a 18650 adapter, USB-C and Video Cable, CR123 battery,
    18650 battery and battery charger, quick reference guide and a field pouch.

    According to the company the new Nox will start shipping in November of 2020.

    You can find the product page here.

    Eric B

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