POTD: Barrett MRAD Sniper Rifles of New Zealand

    MRAD Sniper Rifle NZ

    Barrett¬†MRAD rifles were introduced to the snipers of New Zealand in 2018 replacing their 7.62mm AI Arctic Warfare sniper rifles.¬†That’s the topic of our Photo Of The Day. New Zealand acquired 42 MRAD sniper rifles. The MRAD has a fully adjustable match-grade 2 stage trigger, adjustable and folding stock and muzzle brake with external threads to mount a suppressor.

    Agile Combat Force. Light infantry reconnaissance and snipers depend on high mobility to stay ahead of the play in dynamic operating environments. Motorcycles are preferred over other vehicles when high manoeuvrability is required.

    MRAD Sniper

    Stare down. Soldiers use the Barrett MRAD .338″ sniper rifle during a training exercise in the Waiouru Military Training Area.

    Calculating. Snipers from 2nd/1st Battalion, Royal NZ Infantry Regiment have received the new Barrett MRAD .338 sniper rifle. They’ve been conducting training in the Tekapo Military Training Area using the new Kestrel Ballistic Calculator to calibrate the rifles out to 2000 metres.

    MRAD Barret

    Pictures: New Zealand Army.

    Sweden is also looking to replace their AI AW sniper rifles, in a tender that will soon be official.